Sep 23, 2014

Beauty Dictionary

Do you know the difference between shimmer lipstick and glimmer lipstick? How about  the difference between volumizing and lengthening mascara? To avoid mistake in buying, read following cosmetic dictionary to guide you shop beauty products.

You must have this thing. Concealer can make your face look fresh, even though you are lack of sleep. But buying the right concealer is not easy. Wrong choice will make the parts you want to cover looks more apparent. Experts advise to choose a product that is creamy and smooth to be touched. Avoid products that feel dry, too oily, or too thick. You can choose a concealer which is liquid, cream, compact, or stick. For the right color, suitable concealer for all skin colors is the shade of yellow concealer, not white.

The skin that looks smooth and silky is the key to have beautiful appearance. One way to achieve it is to use a foundation. Choose the right foundation in order to coat the skin well and your makeup can attach perfectly. In the market, the foundation is available in a variety of shapes and textures, ranging from liquid to stick. To choose the right foundation, adjust to your skin type.
Oily skin: a foundation that is oil free.
Normal and dry skin: liquid foundation with a creamy texture or stick foundation.

Powder is the final step to make the skin looks perfect. Powder is useful to keep foundation and concealer that you use not easily fade.
Choose loose powder or pressed powder?
Loose powder is more suitable for home usage. Usually, the price is also cheaper.
Pressed powder or compact powder is widely used for touch-ups in public places, so choose the package you like.

Bronzing powder is a kind of copper-colored powder with golden shimmer. Bronzer can be used to give shiny effect to the skin and look fresher. It is suitable for a face that looks pale. How to use: usually applied to the area around the cheekbones, forehead and chin. For white skin, apply a bronzer that leads to a golden color. For those with darker skin, use a bronzer with a copper color.

Eye Shadow
Eye shadow can make your eyes more vivid and expressive. In addition to single colors, a lot of manufacturers that make the color combinations. For your everyday makeup, select the eye shadow combination that consists of three levels of color in a single main color. Choose a light color for highlights, medium color to the eyelid below the crease and a darker color (can be used to line the eyes as eyeliner).
For texture, you can select the form of solid, powder, cream, and liquid. Besides the usual matte colors, you can also choose eyeshadow with a little shimmer or sparkle (use for evening occasions).
Eye Liner
If you want to have more attractive eyes, use eye liner. They are usually available in the form of pencil and liquid. Liquid eye liner is usually equipped with a pointy brush for easy usage. The use of liquid eye liner is more complicated than a pencil. When using, keep your hands from shaking too much because it can make the lines look imperfect and messy. For fans of eye liner pencils, now already available a water proof kind and it will hold all day.

Three types of mascara that can be selected:
-Thickening or volumizing mascara can make lashes appear thicker.
-Lengthening mascara contains a formula that is believed to coat the tip of each lash so look longer.
-Curling mascara can make lashes look more slender, though not be clamped. For extra straight lashes, this mascara can help the work of eyelash curler.

Changing the lipstick color is the easiest way to change the appearance. Lipstick is also flexible because you can mix it and make your own shade. But many types of lipstick cam make you confused to try. Check the list below:
Matte: give the final look no luster at all with a dry texture.
Cream: moisturizing, not shiny, but it doesn’t seem as dry as a matte lipstick.
Satin: a bit shiny but not glossy.
Velvet: soft texture and the color looks very intense, the effect is to make the lips look smooth as velvet.
Glimmer: This type of lipstick looks like fine crystal grains.
Glitter: color-containing granules that sparkle and radiate light.
Pearlescent: final display looks a little shiny but soft, like a pearl luster.
Sheer: produces a transparent color hue on the lips. If the selected color is red, your lips look like after sucking a red lollipop.

Blush can give the impression of the face looks more fresh. But choosing the right blush color is not easy. In order not choosing wrongly, consider the color of your cheeks when you're blushing or under the sun. Choose a blush color that similar to it. For texture, follow these guidelines:
Cream blush: This type is the right choice for your dry skin. In order to last longer result, after applying a cream blush, clap the loose powder on the spot. Then wipe again with a powder blush in matching color.
Gel blush: This texture looks natural on the skin because the color is semi-transparent.
Powder blush: select which is equipped with a brush for easy application.

Lip Gloss
Lip gloss is a cosmetic magic to make your lips look more full and sexy at once. Select the type of lip gloss that doesn’t seem sticky. Use a lip gloss after using lipstick of your choice. Mix it for dramatic effect. The result of a lip gloss will look varies depending on the used product. You can choose one that transparent without color for over lipstick usage, transparent with a little color, transparent with a bit of shimmer or glittered transparent.

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