Sep 7, 2014

10 Causes of Women Stay Single (2)

I’ve shared the first five in previous post. Here are another five ‘mistakes’ of single women:

6. Surrounded by many men.
Men are also very lazy to establish serious relationship with a woman with lots of  ​​boyfriends. On Monday she goes with A, with B on Tuesday, along the weekend with C or D. Women who like to exchange male friends will be assumed don’t want to consider a long-term relationship.

There is no rule that prohibits women to have many male friends. But try not too often appearing just both you and a guy. Try to invite a female friend or take your gang. If you go with the guy that you like, show serious intentions. When you're dating him, avoid getting other attention or getting busy with your gadget. Your attitude will be read by your date as: you still want to be free and don’t want to commit.

7. Never refuse an invitation, never convey your opinion.
Your family never stops questioning why you’re still single. All peers are already cradling the baby. You are panic, since the steady partner hasn’t been there yet. So, when someone approaches, you are willing to sacrifice your energy, time, until the feeling for him. Generally most men don’t like women who pretend and not be herself.

Giving attitude or never refusing a guy’s invitation is fine, but if you do it constantly, it would eliminate the opportunity of the man to know you really are. There is no harm if you participate in determining a date. However, men are interested in hard-to-get women. The difference, a bit of rejection and challenge can boost male adrenaline to conquer the women.

8. Circulating in the same place.
Every weekend, you dress up as pretty as possible but you and female friends always visit the same place. If this method is continued until 6 months, it seems too difficult for you to find a male idol there.

Find new atmosphere. You only waste time if keep coming to the same place. It’s also the same if you are hanging out with a group of friends whose composition has not changed. It would be better if you find other activities without the same friends.

9. Lack of intention to seek for romance.
Love does not fall from the sky. It requires a proactive step for love comes to you. Don’t use your too busy work as an excuse avoiding any introduction with a new man. Yet in your heart, you are dying to get acquainted.

Admit if you want to have a love relationship. But, to achieve a love relationship would need your proactive step. So, make plans and strategies about what kind of man you expect. Such as, where do you want to meet this man, how to approach him, and when you are ready to implement the plan.

10. Easily despair.
Don’t keep on saying: "No man loves me" orI was alone again”. Initially you may utter the despair statement just for kidding, but soon you will believe this negative feeling into reality. Worse, the negative thoughts will affect your relationship with people around. How do you expect a relationship to survive, if the antipathy feeling already formed?

Your occasional self-pity doesn’t hurt, but if you continuously dissolve in disappointment, you will grow into a moody and like-to-complain woman. Men are hard to fall in love with hopeless women who don’t cherish the life they have.

If you already choose and decide to live single, go ahead. But if you are being single as your improper attitude, fix it. Knowing the causes of women stay single may help you to improve yourself.

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