Sep 12, 2014

The beauty of Savanna

I share the beauty of savanna at the Bromo National Park (East Java, Indonesia) as a bad thing is happening there now. Since the last three days, the savanna and forest on the slopes of Mount Bromo are on fire

Based on the latest news, the fire has reached more than 400 hectares. Fortunately, the fire didn’t lead to the
Teletubbies Hills tourist destination. But it’s still sad and a big loss.
Dry grass and ferns because of dry season, and strong wind make ​​the fire spreads fast and hard to be conquered. The landscape condition with cliffs as high as 300 meters add the difficulties.
Smoky savanna -image
Fires in savanna field (total area 1,688 hectares) occur almost every year during the dry season, although the warning signs that prohibit carelessly throwing cigarette butts and making bonfires already installed. The main cause of the fire in this location is always human mistake. Until now, the officers of the National Park, military, police, volunteers, and the community are still struggling to extinguish the fire.

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HansHB September 12, 2014  

A great serie for SWF!
Well done!

Ellen September 12, 2014  

I live in Colorado where we have also had devastating fires the last two years that were also caused by human carelessness. I hope they get under control soon. Thanks for sharing.

sunshine September 12, 2014  

A great area.

sm September 12, 2014  

such incidents happen all over world many times because of mistakes of humans
hope they will control it fully as soon as possible

Anonymous September 12, 2014  

What lovely scenery.

Spare Parts and Pics September 12, 2014  

Sorry to hear about the fires, and hope they are under control soon!

Yogi♪♪♪ September 12, 2014  

Nice photos. I hope the fires get under control soon.

DeniseinVA September 12, 2014  

Wonderful photos Lina, marvelous scenery!

DeniseinVA September 12, 2014  

I hope the fires can be extinguished quickly. They can be so devastating.

thomas September 12, 2014  

Nice scenery,hope to be there one of this days.

Leovi September 12, 2014  

Very interesting your colorful landscapes Savanna! Beautiful photos!

Gattina September 12, 2014  

That is terrible ! Such a beautiful landscape !

Carola September 12, 2014  

Beautiful scenery!

Ranten September 13, 2014  

Beautifully! Hope the fire was put out!

Carver September 13, 2014  

Great shots of the savanna.

Laura September 13, 2014  

I too hope the fires are under control soon… such a beautiful place.

Anonymous September 18, 2014  

So gorgeous.

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