Sep 2, 2014

Pamper Your Leg with Home Foot Spa

Full of activity women with high mobility like you, need some essential elements that must be possessed. One element is healthy and strong feet. But have you ever thought about how to make your feet relaxed once in a while? It turns out that if the foot forced to work continuously, then it may cause the flow of blood and lymph fluid to and from the heart become disturbed. As a result, you may feel the worn shoes cramped, the back legs and fingers turned enlarged and swollen. It means your blood flow is blocked.

Waste metabolism (such as lactic acid) can be accumulated in the vessel, so that you will feel extreme fatigue. Hoarding that happens more often may ultimately lead to new problem: varicose veins. Surely you don’t want getting serious problems, right?

Foot Spa
That's why the people, especially women, began to realize the importance of foot care. Thus the term of foot spa is borne; a combination of foot health and beauty treatment. Beginning with a thorough cleansing, relaxation, reflexology, massage with aromatherapy, and ended with refreshment. If you want to pamper your legs with home foot spa, it is recommended to use top quality products which consist of a series, so that the optimal result can be felt.

Examples of home foot spa products required.
1. Foot scrub gel
Soft granules usually derived from the shells are helpful to remove dirt, dust and especially the dead skin cells that accumulate on the heels and fingertips. These products are generally also equipped with some essential oils such as lemon essential oil to make fresh legs, lemongrass essential oil to warm the feet, tea tree essential oil to kill bacteria, and enriched with various vitamins such as vitamins A, E, F and H to make skin soft.
Just use once a week.

2. Lotions for leg
Special moisturizer for the feet which can be soothing, enriched with several vitamins (such as A, C and E liposome) to protect the skin from dryness and keep the elasticity. Lotion for leg usually also contains a variety of essential oils that can refresh tired feet, serves as a natural antiseptic, eases blood circulation at the same time relaxes stiff muscles. Apply each time after shower or anytime you want.

3. Hand and foot spray
Spray specially formulated for the health and beauty of your legs. Select a product that contains natural ingredients such as lemon, lemongrass, and basil. This product is also enriched with vitamins A, C, E and F which can cool the feet and hands, protect from fungus and bacteria while keeping your legs and arms freshness throughout the day. Say goodbye to smelly feet!
Spray anytime you need.

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