Aug 8, 2015

A Popular Way of Marketing: Point of Sale Marketing

There is no chance you will be able to find anyone who never bought something while waiting in the line for the cash register. And that is what point of sale marketing is all about. There are many types of products that are placed near the register and you can hardly go without noticing them while waiting for your turn. Once you see them, you will hardly get rid of the feeling that you should buy them and probably end up with a few extra things on your receipt. Be sure to check out the following text and learn a couple new things about this phenomenon.
A Popular Way of Marketing: Point of Sale Marketing by

How does it work?
It works both ways actually. While the grocery store sells more things and earns more money, your grocery shopping becomes more enjoying and the time you spend at the cash register doesn’t seem too long. While you are waiting for a person on front of you to finish, you’ll have a chance to browse more products and possibly find something else you’ll need. Products that are usually situated at the register are gums, batteries, magazines and candy. In addition to this, there is usually a small refrigerator near the register and chances are you’ll get thirsty just by seeing it and buy yourself a drink. All of these products are sold up to three times more than the same products in the other parts of the store. This only shows how this type of marketing is effective and how it influences shoppers. Manufacturers and grocery stores earn quite a lot form this type of marketing and is something that is being used more and more. Still, it is a good thing for you as well. Imagine if you just had to stand in line for register and keep looking at your watch.
A Popular Way of Marketing: Point of Sale Marketing by

Where can it be found?
We have mentioned grocery stores above as that is the first thing that crosses your mind when talking about point of sale marketing. But it is not only grocery stores that use this tactic but there are many other types of stores that do. You can see the same thing at gas station. There is usually someone before you in the line and you can see all of the products mention above here as well. Still, there are some things added to the registers of gas stations. Energy drinks, beef jerky and car fresheners can all be found here as this may be something you need if you are on the road. It is not a rare thing to see a big display of car fresheners of every scent on the counter. PC stores do the same thing as well. You might find cheaper products on the counter, for example headphones or mouse pads.
A Popular Way of Marketing: Point of Sale Marketing by

How does it look?
Most of these products are situated on or near the counter. The most important thing is that they can be seen while waiting in the line for the register. The products that are advertised the best way get the most attention of the shoppers. That is why POS are used. These displays make the product look more powerful and draw your attention. Such displays usually have the name of the product written on them as well as a powerful and catchy slogan which may also have its role in someone buying the product. Displays are a powerful feature of point of sale marketing and you can find them on the counters of every most of the stores. Sometimes there is a poster above or behind the product that also serves as a way to get people to buy that product. Since technology is constantly improving, it is no strange thing anymore to see a tablet or a small video screen that plays a commercial or gives you an option to play a game or take a part in a quiz that will eventually lead to the product that is being advertised.

All in all, point of sale marketing is a part of our everyday lives and we all probably face it at least once a day. All of these things are quite useful and rarely do you regret buying them but if you haven’t seen them at the register you probably wouldn’t even think about buying them. There lies the power of point of sale marketing. Once you see these products you always find a reason to buy them.

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