Aug 14, 2015

Efficient Ways to Promote Your Business

In order to get your business well known and to create a brand of it, it is quite important to know the best ways and strategies on how to promote it and make it more visible. In the last couple of years, with the rapid development of technology and the internet, online marketing has found its way to one of the top marketing strategies that work like a charm. But there is also quite a number of promotional techniques that work even in the ‘real world’ and not just by going viral. Here you can read all about the best strategies and efficient ways on how to promote and market your small business.

Online Marketing
Efficient Ways to Promote Your Business by
Online marketing includes all sorts of different techniques online. That means promoting your business via social media such as making facebook ads or groups, making a twitter account on trying to connect with people through linkedin. This also means creating your own personal website for your business or even a blog. A good business owner should always keep in mind what his customers need so a good strategy is to be active on different forums and perhaps give out some practical advice for free. This way your potential clientele will see that your customer service is on top. Creating a newsletter and an e-mail list of customers who want to be updated of your latest work and products is always a great idea, as long as you don’t spam them.
Efficient Ways to Promote Your Business by

Contest Marketing
Contests are a nice promotional strategy as they aren’t even focused on rivalry or winning, rather on promoting your brand and logo and attracting more possible customers. A good idea is to make a simple quiz with a couple of questions related to your line of work and your products, so that way people will surely learn more and will buy more of your products. A prize for the winner is of course in order, with a logo of your company. Perhaps even some consolation prizes for other contestants just to keep up the good practice.

This is a good strategy to let your clientele know that you put them first and generally care for them. The best time to do this is a couple of months after they purchase a product simply by calling them over the telephone or just sending out an e-mail. This way you gather more information and feedback from your customers about your products and learn if you need to change or alter anything, if they are satisfied and similar. This gives out an impression of great customer service, at the same time you gain valuable information and of course promote your business. Just be sure not to do it too often, as nobody likes to be bothered too much.
Efficient Ways to Promote Your Business by

Promotional Products
This technique is one of the simplest but most efficient ones. Giving away promotional products is an amazing tool for promoting ones business no matter how big or small the business actually is. A happy customer is the best marketing tool, so keep that in mind. Everybody loves getting free products, no matter what they are. This is great because you can create all sorts of different products such as mugs, t-shirts, lighters, unique personalized umbrellas, hats, key chains etc. and put your logo on it. This way your logo, website or whatever you put on there will be passed from person to person and will be widely seen. This is also a good technique if you organize some sort of event and then hand out a ‘goody bag’ with a folder, pen and a notebook with your logo on it.

A happy customer is a good customer. This being said you should always try to maintain great customer service and indulge your clientele. Making a good promotional strategy isn’t all that hard if only you take your time and have patience with it. Nothing can happen over night, so just try your best, do your best and everything should fall in its place. And try to focus on the quality of your products, because as a good promotional strategy is very important, selling good and quality products is crucial. So don’t be afraid to aim high and think outside of the box.

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DeniseinVA August 14, 2015  

I enjoyed this post Lina. Great advice!

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