Aug 20, 2015

How to Dress for a Marathi Wedding

With so many cultures and traditions spread across India, weddings become a colourful and long event. There are many traditions that are to be taken care of and too many ceremonies that are required to declare a couple as man and wife. 

A Marathi wedding is no different. A list of ceremonies along with many traditions and loads of fun define Marathi matrimony. The wedding dress is very different from other wedding ceremonies and so is the jewellery. Here are some of the things that a bride should follow in order to don the perfect Marathi look and win everyone’s heart-

1. Saree
The Marathi bride wears a special saree for her matrimony which is 9 yards long and is tucked between the legs as you must have seen in many films. The saree, known as the Nauvari saree is a typical dress for the Marathi bride. It has a peacock design with a gold border and is an elaborate cloth of silk. The bride usually wears a yellow Nauvari, the colour of happiness and purity.

2. Hairdo
Usually the bride has her hair tied into a beautiful bun which is then adorned with pearl ornaments and a beautiful white gajara, mostly made out of mogra flowers. The gajara acts a hair accessory while acting as a natural fragrance for the bride. She is decorated in the style of a Goddess as she is supposed to look like the goddess Parvati and so the hairdo is kept simple yet elegant as Marathi matrimony is all about elegance while keeping it simple.

3. Nath
Marathis prefer to have their jewellery made out of gold and pearls. The nath is unlike the nath of the brides in north India. It is made of pearls with small stones planted in the middle of it. It is not round and big like the traditional nath in Rajasthan or Uttar Pradesh but is long and sleek. It definitely sets a Marathi bride apart from others and gives her a simple and traditional look.

4. Mundavalya
Have you noticed the two strings that hang on the faces of both the bride and the groom which have one or two pearls attached to them at the end? Well, it is called Mundavalya and is a special thread-like traditional accessory worn by the Marathi couple. It is tied to the bride after she is ready to walk to the mandap. This indicates that she is ready for the wedding.

5. Chooda
The chooda worn by a Marathi bride is very different from that worn by a Punjabi bride. The chooda consists of green glass bangles worn by the bride in odd numbers along with solid gold bangles called Patlya worn with Tode, gold banlges with intricate designs, to symbolise new life, creativity, fertility and marital status. The Patlya and Tode are given by the groom’s side and indicate the family’s economic background.

Wedding traditions continue and so does the list of accessories to define each of them but we wrote this post to show you the timeless traditions that have persisted in Marathi matrimony.

Marathi weddings are a lot different from other weddings in India due to their distinct choice of dress and jewellery and the highly elegant simplicity that gets conveyed without losing anything in terms of beauty and lavishness because of the rich traditions of dance, songs and food that come along with them. We hope you’ll be able to attend at least one in your lifetime!

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