Aug 18, 2015

Beach Wedding Attire for All

Because it is a tad different from traditional wedding, it can become hard to choose the right outfit to wear, especially at a beach wedding. Though, it is not impossible to choose, and if a few things are thought over, it becomes easy. However, the bride and groom should define certain rules, so that everyone can enjoy themselves, and that nobody gets too hot during the beach wedding.
Beach wedding attire for all by

Typical black ties
Even on a beach it is possible to hold a black tie dress code, but, you should make sure that it is not going to be during the hottest months of the year. On the other hand, keep in mind that shoes might sink in the sand, which is why you should ensure a pathway where your guests can walk safely, and take their seats without getting lost in the sand.

The bride should not be suffocating
For the bride it is very important that she chooses a wedding dress that will not be suffocating her too much, nor will it be uncomfortable. After all, it is a dream wedding come true, and the dress should be dreamy as well. Just make sure the groom does not see her in the dress before the big day.

A big no to sandals
Even though it sounds like a big problem to wear closed shoes to a beach wedding, it can be done. More importantly avoid wearing sandals as they can prove to be difficult to maneuver with in the sand, and they will not go together with any dress code. Even the ladies should try to stay clear of it, because it might be too problematic than what is should be worth.
Beach wedding attire for all by

Guests should never overdress
Remember to remind your guests what appropriate attire they should wear, or at least what kind of fabric they should opt for. Moreover, there is the common tradition of women not wearing dresses which are white, so that they cannot upstage the soon-to-be-wife.

Read the weather and place cues
It will be hard to predict the weather, and, it is best to try and read from the cues you can get from the beach in question. Sydney offers many great beach wedding venues, as they will great views and atmosphere. Moreover, you can expect warm and sunny weather in most cases during summer, making them ideal for holding your dream wedding.

An amazing beach wedding
In the end, keep in mind that that depending on the beach in question, what the weather will be like and if the place allows it, your guests might have to chance a couple of times. Though, make sure that you explicitly point out to them what is appropriate and what they should stay away from, because the fabric might be too heavy, or make it hard for clothes to breathe. On the other hand, choosing the right shoes will depend on what the surface will be like, but you should avoid sandals and similar footwear.

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