Aug 28, 2015

Understand Usefulness of Headstone Inscriptions

There are many types of creative headstone inscriptions available and all these are mainly intended to express the love and memorable moments at the time of burial. The inscriptions depend on the family members and they mainly finalize the headstone inscriptions. It may be a long poem or it can be simple lines which express the most intimate feeling for your beloved one.  As these epitaphs hold special meanings, people with creative ideas seek creative concepts like for example a verse from any religious book or a song that is equally meaningful.

How to create the headstone inscriptions significant?

  • Song lyrics: When was the last time you heard your loved one hum his/her favorite song? It may have been days or even years, but you can certainly get the lines inscribed on his/her grave and once again remind the soul how much you miss listening to that beautiful number. Whether it is an Elvis or from Beatles album, this idea of bringing life to those favorite song lines will indeed be appreciated.
  • Prose: If a simple message does seem to go well with the profile of your loved one, then it is time to switch to prose. The epitaph will turn all the more meaningful for him/her if you consider getting a line from your loved one’s favorite prose inscribed on the headstone. It can even be a poem written by you or a love letter. There are several professional inscription writers who device customized inscriptions for engraving on the tombstones. You can contact them along with your poems, lines, self-penned verses or even some intricate designs that can accompany the verses.
  • Drawn inscriptions: it is not always that you need to consider texts to impress someone, even if it is a deceased person. Sometimes you can express your feelings with an engraved picture of your long lost beloved or things he/she used to value in her life. These inscriptions reflect on the person’s inner self. The image can be of anything though.

How to make the headstone attractive with hidden codes and inscription?

Coded epitaphs: coded inscriptions are interesting. These days several people choose codes to inscribe on a headstone. Codes can be considered through the following ways:
    Any family secret
    The first letter of words in a line
    Code with a riddle

Ideas which can works perfectly for headstone inscriptions:

If you want to make the headstone inscriptions attractive then you can follow the given ides:

  • You should add the name and address of the relationship like son, father, mother or family member
  • You can make the headstone with marble or granite. But it depends on the cemetery rules and regulations.
  • You can make the headstone with some unique designs and write the inscription with some illustrated designer templates.
  • Most of the headstones are mainly designed in white color, but you can add some different contrasting colors in the headstone also. It looks attractive and differently.
  • The cost of the headstone inscriptions depends on the length of the words and if you want to make it short and customize your budget then you can write few lines of some poem or a quotation only.
  •  Apart from that you can just use a picture sketch on the headstone, but it will take time and it can be more costly too.   

Since ages engravings have been a part of human civilization. These inscriptions have agelessly borne special meanings. An epitaph pays tribute to a loved one. Hence you should be extra choosy when it comes to picking a verse or an image that will be engraved on the stone. These days, people opt for creative engraving to depict their love for their beloved. Please visit us today for knowing more about headstone inscriptions.

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