Nov 11, 2018

Can you make a Living out of Exercise and Fitness?

There are more opportunities than ever before to carve out a career in fitness and training. With more people becoming aware of the need to be fit, there is demand for coaches and instructors. There is also quite a bit of interest in fitness careers.
The most popular occupations in the fitness industry are personal trainers and fitness instructors. However, there are other positions that have come up as you will find on sites such as Some of them include:

Health/Wellness Coach
A wellness coach is concerned with the overall wellbeing of the client. They will work with the client to get their body as well as their life in shape. They will help the client to look at the obstacles that stand in their way and figure out how to get around them.

The couch works collaboratively with the client by encouraging the client to think about their goals and ideas. The coach also offers advice on issues the client may be facing such as:
¨       Nutrition
¨       Weight management
¨       Health risk management
¨       Fitness
¨       What prevents them from reaching their fitness goals

The coach strives to get to know the client and find out what they need help with. Aside from getting into shape, others might be battling addictions that they wish to quit, may be in stressful situations and need to learn how to navigate them or might be struggling with bad eating habits.

As a coach, you will also be expected to help your clients manage conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure or even heart conditions. You also have the alternative to choose the class of clients you want to work with such as seniors, families, teenagers, young adults or even children

¨       It is flexible. You do not have to meet your clients in person. You can work with them online, on the phone or even on Skype.
¨       The opportunities are diverse and numerous. You can work with individual clients, corporate, write books, articles or run websites and blogs, teach classes, hold seminars and webinars and work with professionals in the health industry.
¨       Fulfillment.

Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant
You will teach your clients how to overcome hurdles to reach their health and fitness goals. There is a certificate that you may need to acquire after going through a course that teaches you how to develop weight management programs for clients. These programs cover the following:
¨       Nutrition
¨       Exercise
¨       Lifestyle change

The consultant delves into the psychology of weight management and acquires knowledge on how clients are affected by being obese or overweight on a daily basis. In addition, you study the science behind obesity and how it impacts the financial, emotional and social areas of our lives.

¨       Fulfillment.
¨       It is flexible in that you can work from anywhere. You set your own hours and you are in control.
¨       You offer a higher level of support. This is not just about helping people lose weight. You also look into what may be preventing them from losing it.

Other jobs available in this industry include:
¨       Sports Coach
¨       Dietician
¨       Athletic Trainer
¨       Physical Therapy

The fitness industry has a lot of opportunities for fitness professional and some of them only require you to be passionate about your chosen path but you can find out from what opportunities are available in weight training and related fields.

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