Nov 14, 2018

Jeulia Inexpensive Engagement Rings for Women

No one says that searching for the right engagement ring while still keeping on a budget is easy. Are you one of those guys who still in inexpensive engagement rings search? You are surely not alone.  The main key is choosing the reliable jewelry store and maker such as jeulia if you opt for shopping online. Each jewelry item of their collection is well-created and well-designed along with the offered prices that will not break your wallet. The wide variety of gemstones, styles and designs ensure you to get the ring that meets her preference and suits your budget. Well, it is indeed the right place to start your hunt!

Two Tone Oval Cut Sterling Silver Ring – Price : $119.00

Nowadays, lots of couples prefer to make their own personal style statement. When choosing engagement rings, they also want to show their own unique style.  If you want to find something different, you may consider Jeulia two tone engagement rings collection which created artistically from two metals.  For your idea of what such ring looks like, take a look at the ring featured above: the primary blue sapphire ring that made from silver and yellow gold. It is truly beauty, right? Other options of ring plating color are silver, yellow gold, rose gold, black and three tone.

White diamond ring is a common option for engagement rings. If you can’t afford real diamond in decent size, you can turn to other gemstones in similar color like  white sapphire engagement rings. Current engagement rings can be any gemstone, so you have many options to choose. You can also select a primary gemstone due to her birthstone. If she born in September, any color of sapphire is perfect.

Vintage Octagon Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring – Price:$119.00
Vintage lovers will love vintage engagement rings for sure. You are fortunate since Jeulia offers a variety of rings in vintage style, from simple to intricate designs. There are lots of happy buyers that you can read at the product reviews; thus you don’t need to worry about the ring’s quality. I’m sure that you will get the perfect ring for your loved one.  Make sure that she will be ready to receive many compliments. Anyway, Thanksgiving day sale is offering now, don’t miss the chance to save more!

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