Nov 21, 2018


Wedding Day Timeline Planning Tips

It looks like something so complicated: plan the timeline of your complete big day, even though you’ve never planned a marriage before in your daily life! Thankfully, there are a few tips that you will keep at heart to help you intend out and organize enough time necessary for the occasions on your wedding day. Here are some wedding timeline tips:
1. Allocate more time than you think you need for all events
The make-up artist took much longer than expected. Clothes had lines and wrinkles and would have to be steamed preceding to putting on. The limo was postponed by road structure. The florist didn’t occur promptly with the bouquets. The supper took one hour much longer than the providing company expected. If something were ever to be delayed, chances are it would happen on your wedding day. So be sure to plan in more time than you think you need to accomplish everything. That way, you can probably accomplish all of your events without adding additional stress.

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate!
Prior to your big day, be sure to delegate any jobs that have to happen on your day itself. Things such as paying any suppliers, organizing posed picture topics, and announcements, can be delegated to associates of your marriage party or family. This can help things run a lot more effortlessly and quickly.

3. Leave plenty of time for your first look or couple portraits
Often people don’t give much considered to these photos, because they are more worried about determining the family portraits. However, the portraits of the groom and bride alone often finish up being the most valued pics of your day. They are the ones you present to parents, family members and friends, as well as hold on your own wall structure. Be sure to plan at least around 30 minutes for your portraits, and more if you can.

4. Be at the ceremony location a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the ceremony
You’ll desire to be finished with all hair, make-up, pics and travel prior to the ceremony begins. It really is safest to anticipate being ready at the positioning thirty minutes, and sometimes 1 hour, before the ceremony. In this manner you are ready in the event something runs too much time. At the minimum you have time for you to inhale and relax before the big moment!
5. Plan 3-4 minutes per photo grouping
When planning out how much time you will need to take formalized photos, a good rule of thumb is to add 3-4 minutes per photo. That is assuming all participants in the images are prepared when needed! And don’t neglect to make sure everyone needed for the images knows where they need to be prior to your day. (I’m personally guilty of that one - sorry Laura!)

6. Arrange for most reception activities to happen early
Make sure to plan the cake trimming, first dance, parent dances, bouquet toss, and some other special events early in the evening. Often times, many relatives and friends won’t want to stay too long after dinner. This way you will ensure that most people are still available to watch the fun!

Wedding Day Timeline Planning Tips

If you can keep these six wedding day timeline planning tips in mind while organizing your day, you will be much more likely to keep your day running smoothly - helping to alleviate any unneeded stress on one of the biggest days of your life.

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