Nov 14, 2018

Use the most suitable menstrual cups – Knowhow

Menstruation is a normal biological process. Females on attaining puberty begin to menstruate. The reason behind menstruation is the non-fertilization of the ovum. It is usually a 28-daycycle that results in ovulation,and if the egg is not fertilized, then the cycle ends with the disintegration of the endometrial layer that has formed during the cycle. The bleeding can be managed by using suitable devices which are manufactured for sanitary purposes.
The growing usage of menstrual cups for collecting the periodic discharge

As periods occur every month, it is necessary to use a suitable method for dealing with the bleeding. The use of sanitary napkins is quite common, but sometimes it is not possible to compromise with one’s wardrobe due to the use of sanitary napkins that are present for holding heavy flow. The size of napkins varies, and similar sized underwear has to be used for using those napkins. The other problem that comes with the use of pads is the problem of disposal. It is not always possible to dispose of pads anywhere. Disposable sanitary items are not cost effective as one has to buy a pack often as per use. Hence it is important to have a solution that will work in all instances and will also be cost effective. Daisy Cup is a kind of menstrual cup which can be easily used and reused during periods.

The cups can be reused again and again as silicone is quite resistant to wear and tear. The process of using a Daisy Cup is given below: -
·         The purchased menstrual cup has to be boiled in water for around 3-5 minutes. The water can be brought to a boil and then the cup can be placed in the boiling water. One should ensure that the cup does not touch the side of the vessel and the water should not evaporate completely.

·         The hands and finger nails have to be cleaned with antibacterial soap so that germs are not passed from the hands to the cup during insertion.

·         The cup should be folded so that the mouth of the cup becomes narrow. As silicone is quite a flexible one can fold it in several ways to make the inserting portion narrower.

·         The body should be relaxed so that the vaginal muscles do not tighten up as it will become difficult to insert the Daisy Cup if the muscles are not relaxed.

·         One should either sit or stand depending upon one’s comfort and then start inserting the cup so that it is positioned right in front of the cervix.

·         Once the cup is fully inserted,it should be twistedin order to open the cup and form a seal.

·         A slight tug can be given after making the seal check whether the seal is properly done.

With time the process of inserting the menstrual cup will become very easy,and with a menstrual cup, one can stay stress-free regarding bleeding for almost 12 hours.

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