Nov 9, 2018

How to check the authenticity of a diamond engagement ring?

A shimmering, dazzling, pure diamond engagement has its aura! No other ring is apt to symbolize love and wedding so well, as a diamond ring does. Over centuries, it got used as a symbol of commitment, purity, and thoughtfulness that are also essential elements in a relationship. Whether you are proposing your beloved or are getting married, a diamond ring is the best choice. But there’s a dark aspect attached to these shiny and pretty diamonds. It is very depressing even to conjecture that such a beautiful symbol of love has the potential to hurt the environment and also the lives of innocent people.
Diamond authenticity matters most

The illegal diamond trade is laden with issues from financing troubles to the manipulative measures that get used in the diamond production lately. And all these lead to slightly dangerous working conditions. Sometimes, there’s child labor as well. For a couple who are getting engaged, it’s a very morbid thought to mull on. However, if you think that you stand protected from this, then you need to think twice. A majority of the customers don't get to know the source of the diamond engagement ring and other jewelry that they purchase. It is because most retailers are not able to provide visibility back up, in the supply chain network. So, if you are buying an American diamond engagement ring, there's no assurance that it didn't get polished and cut under any unethical conditions elsewhere in the world. 

Hence, it is essential to make sure that you are opting in for an authentic diamond cut, such as that of JannPaul ideal cut for your engagement. Not all customers are aware of the ways to review the authenticity of a diamond engagement ring. The steps discussed below will help you get organized:

1.   Make sure that your diamond ring is completely traceable
Today, you have access to many online tools that can provide you with visible precious gemstones. It is also essential to be entirely sure whether the diamond got produced ethically. For this, you need to ask a jeweler the place where the diamond got polished and cut.

2.   Always request for a laboratory certification
It is essential to be able to separate between a source of origin and laboratory certification documents. Simply put, when you opt in for a laboratory certificate of a JannPaul ideal cut diamond, it is the gemological evaluation of the diamond’s quality and size.

3.   You need to keep a check on the origin certificate
Do you want to get assured of the provenance of a diamond? If yes, then you should check for an authentic origin certificate. Mostly it is given by an independent body that promotes ethical business practice prevalent in the jewelry industry.

4.   Check the diamond ring in multiple light conditions
When you are at the store, make sure that you review the diamond engagement ring under different light conditions. It will help you figure out if there’s anything questionable with the diamond ring.

A diamond ring is forever. Hence, you need to make sure that your investment is justified. Checking the authenticity of the diamond engagement ring helps from purchasing a counterfeit product, which at times looks so similar to the real product that it’s tough to differentiate.

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