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Mar 11, 2011

Sky Watch: Clouds and a Mountain

Salak Mountain is one of my favorite photograph objects. Though I have taken pictures of this mountain for many times; I’ve never gotten the exact similar results as the clouds and weather is always changing rapidly.

This time I share the photos of Salak Mountain that I took last Monday from the 3th floor mall terrace. It’s enjoyable to see the changeable clouds above the mountain!

Sky Watch Friday

13 komentar:

Lorac March 11, 2011  

Indeed a lovely mountain. Good photos!

ewok1993 March 11, 2011  

very scenic.

Kim, USA March 11, 2011  

These is lovely.

chubskulit March 11, 2011  

Beautiful shots!

My sky watch post, have a nice weekend.

LauraX March 11, 2011  

Majestic Lina!!!

ladyfi March 11, 2011  

Very dramatic! Wonderful shots.

ardiands March 11, 2011  

i like it..nice post

Jidhu Jose March 12, 2011  

nice shots
happy SWF

Mommy Liz March 12, 2011  

I think you are fascinated with mountains, I like them too.

Self-Taught March 12, 2011  

Good evening, friends and dear Lina, desire a wonderful weekend, hope that everything is OK, due the earthquake and tsunami hope that it didn't reach the Indonesia.

ahid March 12, 2011  


eden March 12, 2011  

Wow, it is beautiful. Love it

Goyang Karawang March 15, 2011  

akhir2 ini awan2 seperti itu sering banget terlihat ya mba...
saya d bandung juga sering banget melihatnya
mudah2an karena hanya memang musim hujan ya..

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