Mar 1, 2011

Street Market

The photo was captured at 6.30 am; it’s still early in the morning. You can see lots of activities there. Too many sellers make the place inside the market buiding can’t accommodate all of them anymore. There’s no space left inside.

The street sellers are allowed to display their things on the street from 11 pm to 6 am. Yes, it’s a night street market. When I took this moment, most sellers have already cleaned up their merchandises; but there were still a few sellers on a parking area that still selling on the spots.

Every morning, this street market leaves lots of clutters. It could be the hardest times for street cleaners. They must work hard and fast to clean up all mess; to make the street clean and ready to use again! It’s a pity that most sellers don’t help the street cleaner’s job; they just let their vegetable rubbish there. Can you see a street cleaner among the crowd?

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