Mar 31, 2011

Nostalgia : My Favorite Children’s Television Series

Started in April 1981, Si Unyil ran every Sunday morning on the TVRI, the Indonesian national television company. TVRI was the one and only television station that I can watch at that time. This television series soon became my favorite, perhaps it’s because I had no other alternative program, hehehe.

All characters in the Si Unyil are hand puppets. The Unyil show told a story about the daily life of a typical Indonesian family that lives in a rural area (Sukamaju Village). Unyil lives with his dad, mom, and cousin. His best friends are Usro and Ucrit while other friends like Endut and Cuplis, sometimes, become his ‘enemies’. The conflicts often occured between the two groups; and the story always ended with a message to become a good children.

There are other adult characters that attracted my attention at that time. The most entertaining though antagonistic adult characters are the short-tempered Pak Raden and the lazy Pak Ogah.

I remembered that I never wanted to leave home in Sunday morning. I will cry if I can’t watch the show. Even my father must record some episodes; so that I wanted to go out with them, though I still felt disappointed. I was a big fan of Si Unyil show for about two years. As soon as I knew The Muppet Shows, I turned into a big fan of Kermit the Frog, hehehe. What’s your favorite television series in your childhood?


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