Mar 25, 2011

Guide to a Long Distance Relationship – How Do Long Distance Relationships Work

Some people say that a long distance relationship won’t last. Here, I’ll give you some tips to make this type of relationship last for years and even forever. Prove others that they’re wrong. If you love your partner, I’m sure distance won’t be a factor at all. You will feel that those kilometers or miles that set as the barrier between you both is just a 5 inch thick wall.

Tips to a long distance relationship
A bridge that will make you closer to your love oneThe primary reason why other people choose to go abroad even though there’s the big risk of being away from your love one is the will to seek for a brighter future or in other words, to work abroad. You can’t blame these people. They just want to help their family. And our primary task, being their partner, is to trust and support them. These are the guidelines to make a long distance relationship works:

First, trust one another
Trust is the most important thing to have in this kind of relationship. Without trust, your tower of love will just fall apart. You should be confident that your partner won’t do anything that can destroy your relationship.

Always express feelings with one anotherEven though you’re both far from each other doesn’t mean that there’s no way to tell “I love you”. Technology makes it possible. You must learn to express it on phones, Emails, video calls, chatting and IM. This is a good way to increase your relationship’s foundation and stability.

Communicate as frequent as possibleYes I know that you don’t have the control in case of your time, but you can to something to find time for a simple talk to just keep you both in touch. 15 minutes to 1 hour of talk is not bad. You must do this every day, if possible. This can lessen the distance between you.

Online DatesDo you think that it’s impossible for you both to date just because he/she is far away? Literally its impossible, but again, there’s the help of our best friend “technology”. With help of webcam, you can watch movies, eat dinners or even walk together in the park. There are many ways to do this, so there are no excuses for not doing this, unless you don’t really love him/her.

Express your love via snail mailReaching him/her with the help of technology is a great thing to do. But there is a traditional way to communicate with him/her that is more effective than any other gift of modernization. Writing a letter, for me is the most effective way to let him/her feel that you love them. Why? Because you exert more effort and you can express your feeling more if you write a letter for him/her.

Be creativePut some effort to do the craziest ideas that can make him/her happy and most specially, to surprise him/her. Those excitements from your creative ideas will bring the spice that can make a relationship happy and strong. Try to surprise him/her with a funny production number through video call or maybe, surprise him/her with a simple poem that you originally wrote just for him/her and send it through emails. There are many ways to surprise someone, just be creative.

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