Mar 22, 2011

Playing on the Train

My husband captured this sweet moment candidly. We were on the full train, there’s no empty seat for them. The father knew how to cheer up his kids. He brought gadget tools; so the kids can play. It’s a nice way to avoid boring times! Though they must sit on the floor, they still can enjoy the train ride.

Ruby Tuesday

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Dhemz March 22, 2011  

what a sweet father...:)

Kim, USA March 22, 2011  

Oh this is really sweet one. Yup kids had to be entertained ^_^

MinnieRunner March 22, 2011  

Sweet! I really love to see father taking good care of their children :)

Chubskulit Rose March 23, 2011  

How gorgeous!

Would you come and see my Ruby Tuesday ? Have a lovely evening!

eden March 23, 2011  

What a sweet moment of father and kids!

eha March 23, 2011  

what a smart and attentive parent!
we can't just tell kids to sit tight and be quiet, right?

Magical Mystical Teacher March 23, 2011  

Train rides can be long and boring without games to play!


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