Mar 18, 2011

Falling Spot

It’s my late Nostalgia meme. My nostalgia post this time was about one falling incident. I forget the exact date; but I remember that it was dusk time and the rain was falling lightly.

At that time, we were visiting potatoes farmers in Kaligua hill (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia). Knowing the day will be dark soon, we decided to hurriedly go back to the city.

Riding a motorbike, we passed through the winding roads on the hill. Since it rained, my husband drove slowly. He wore a wide raincoat. I sheltered behind his back and my body was covered by the same raincoat. I wasn’t able to see the road ahead!

After a while on the way, I felt that the motorbike started to slip and moved uncontrollably. I heard my husband screamed, ”Oh my God, we fell…”

Next thing I knew, as the road is a downward one, I fell down off the motorbike and slided toward the gap ahead. Thank God, my husband can catch my left hand, though his half body was below the motorbike. Thank God too that the road was empty from another vehicle. It could make things worst.

Soon, we can stand and calm ourselves. We had no severe wounds; just a little pain on legs and hands. A few minutes later, we continued the journey. We must be more careful next time! I captured this falling spot while we were visiting the hill a few months ago. My husband still remembered the precise spot.


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