Mar 29, 2011

A Vendor Boy

This boy moved actively. He approached every car that came and parked to offer his merchandises politely. I guess he sold various crispy chips. I captured him while we (I and my husband) were on a food booth nearby. I really appreciate his effort and struggle; hope he will become a successful person one day.

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Vernz March 29, 2011  

there are lots of successful stories back here in the Philippines Lina that they become successful .. that is why I never ignore this kind of people on the streets... the ones working hard to earn a living.. I hated those on the streets doing nothing but just beg...

love the tummy of that boy.. he seem not working hard,, he's healthy looking .. hahaha.. mine is up.

Chubskulit Rose March 29, 2011  

Indonesia and Philippines really are similar with so many things including this street vendors.

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Kim, USA March 30, 2011  

This is where successful businessmen begun. He seems very enthusiastic in what he is doing. And he looks very healthy looking kid too. I will buy what he is selling because just by his looks he is into it. ^_^

It must have been love

Dhemz March 30, 2011  

I find him cute...I see a lot of kids doing like this kind of job in the Philippines. You don't see that here in the US.

eden March 30, 2011  

Same in the Philippines. I admire him that at that young age he knows already how to earn money.

kimmy March 30, 2011  

he really is a persevering lad..

kimmy March 30, 2011  

he really is a persevering lad..

Unknown March 30, 2011  

it's sad to see kids working for a living. i have the same wish...that he'd be a great salesman someday.:p

advan March 31, 2011  

I salute the struggle let alone him politely, but that I fear the road association, hopefully he is a guiding

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