Nov 22, 2012

Changing Products Can Change Your Skin

While we all know that changing beauty products is necessary in cases where there is an allergic reaction. However, we often forget that a simple product change can improve or even worsen our skin.  This is why it is important to check the ingredients in our products, especially if we have any form of allergies.


If an ingredient included in a skincare product is causing an unfavorable reaction within our bodies, switching to a nature based product like Moroccan oil 100ml may work in our favour.  Changing products requires the same diligence as finding the allergy, because we certainly do not want to switch to another product with the same allergy inducing ingredient. 


Find the Source 

If there is an allergic reaction from a product, the results are generally found in the form of a rash of one type or another.  When a rash occurs, it is best to stop using the new product and take it in to a dermatologist.  The doctor will then go through the ingredients, arranging for tests to determine which specific chemical caused the reaction.

In cases where there are a lot of common ingredients, the doctor will pinpoint the more uncommon ones for testing, avoiding a lot of poking on your skin.  Knowing what chemicals and ingredients you are allergic to is important, as you will want to avoid any that cause harm to your skin.


Shop for A New Product

Once the source of a reaction is found, the shopping begins for a replacement for the product.  The most common allergies occur with products such as laundry detergent, which makes shopping for a new brand quite simple.   

However, with cosmetics and skin care products, the task requires more research.  Several products use the same common ingredient, which means your skin will react poorly to a wide variety of brands if a common ingredient is the cause.

When selecting any new product, whether to add to an existing collection or replacing products you react poorly to, you should always make sure to add only one new item at a time and watch your skin for adverse effects.


Switching for Improvement Rather Than Allergies

Just as allergies can be a reason for a brand or product change, the same is true of simply wanting to find something that works better.  Ingredients are again the culprit, as everyone has a different system and two different people may have greatly differing results from the same product.

Products like Moroccan oil 100ml may not be as useful for your neighbour or best friend; however they might be just right for your skin and hair.  The many ingredients in each product, as well as each person’s chemical difference, will determine how effective the product is for them.

This is why even a simple change in products could make all the difference in the results people may achieve.  Watching for those products that truly outshine others for our own personal needs helps us to stock our cabinets with exactly the right products.

Kathryn Baughman is a freelance writer with a passion for health and beauty.  In her free time she blogs about Moroccan oil 100ml and other great products on the market.

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