Nov 22, 2012

Krakow's Night Life: Strong and Vibrant


There are very few cities in the world that are more popular among late night party poppers than Krakow as the city boasts of a hectic, almost wild night life that is hard to match by even an Amsterdam or a Paris. Though there are many tourists who come to enjoy the scenic beauty and historic sites in this city, a vast majority is concerned to take part in the nightlife of Krakow that promises to bring unlimited fun and frolic to music and booze lovers. As far as accommodation in Polish cities is concerned, you are better off booking Krakow apartments just as you found a t hotel rooms. If you plan to be in Italy next would a logical corollary.

Those who say that nightlife in Krakow is dangerous are right though in a different meaning. It is not that you will get hurt or anythinglike that but be prepared to be on a high all night long, returning only in the wee hours of the morning. Of course wine and whiskey remain on top of priorities of anyone interested in night outs on the streets, pubs and dance though there are music lovers who would groove all night on the floors of night clubs without resorting to alcoholic beverages.

Because of the popularity of its nightlife, Krakow bars and dance clubs are jam packed as night begins with tourists from all ethnic backgrounds converge to enjoy a night full of music and booze. Language is no bar as music has become universal and one gets to hear songs from latest Hollywood artists in addition to Polish tracks. The DJ’s are not all Poles and you would be surprised to see talented musicians and DJ’s from myriad European cities trying their hands in bars and pubs. There is no need to be dressed formally and you can join others in jeans and top or shirt depending upon your gender.

People come out to enjoy nightlife at around 9 and after having a few drinks they have their dinner at a restaurant and then move out in groups on streets, hopping from one bar to another in search of places where they can dance to loud music and have some more drinks.

Whether the latest hip hop or pop, jazz or contemporary, you have pubs and bars playing all sorts of music to satisfy the taste of music loving crowd. There are clubs known for music from the 80’s known as retro music, and there arealso clubs blurting out music that is latest and universal.

There are tourists who like to have their beer or drink in a quiet, relaxed manner. For such crowd, there are pubs and bars having large screen TV’s with chairs and tables to have drink in a most relaxed manner while having dinner at the same time.

Not for nothing is Krakow labeled as Poland’s cultural capital. Nightlife in Krakow has influences from Polish culture and traditions that can be seen in all bars and cafes.

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