Nov 8, 2012

How Human Relationships Transform

Human relationships – be it between parents and their children or between lovers or husband and wife are very intricate and complex. When it is a relationship between two people, there are always expectations and hopes. Whenever these expectations and hopes are not fulfilled they give birth to problems. Between lovers, if one partner does not or cannot understand the other partner as the other partner ‘expects’ him or her to be understood, issues start to arise. Similarly, parents often expect their children to behave or do things the way they want them to. Often though, it is not possible. Every person likes to be independent at the end, even though they might love others and follow what they say; it is rare that they would follow whatever is being said to them blindfolded. Expectations and hopes are a normal part of every human life. Sadly though, often it is these that cause many of the problems.

The Sea of Time
Time changes everything according to experts, and in that sea of everything, there exists human relationships too. The best buddies becomes the worst enemies, and the once most loving wife or husband becomes the ex. The one whom you loved with all your heart becomes the stranger who is paradoxically not a stranger, and the memories you have of the past just resides somewhere in a corner of your mind, rarely disturbed except in times of emotional stress. Time lets one get over a break up while time sometimes becomes the factor of a break up too. When we talk about how human relationships transform, time plays a crucial role in it.

How Things Change
Things change dramatically in every human relationship. As a child grows up, the once crawling baby learns to be independent, takes his or her own decisions and lives life as he or she likes it. This might seem amusing to their parents, as parents always view their children differently. According to, circumstances might too play an important role in how human relationships transform. Human relationships after all, can be as brittle as it is flexible. 

The Question of Love

Often as human relationships transform, so does the quotient of love. Love either stands the test of time or withers away slowly, and one finds one hating the other person whom he or she loved so much before. Human relationships are truly magical, every moment spent between each other gives birth to different permutations and combinations and sometimes the smallest things can leave the biggest of impressions and the biggest of things might not change anything.

The start of a relationship between two newlyweds might be sweet and loving and each moment between them might be the most romantic ever. Yet, nobody knows what would happen 5 years down the line. According to experts, for any successful relationship it is necessary that the two sides should be cooperative and adjusting and one should always know that not all expectations and hopes would be fulfilled all the time. It is only when both sides respect each other can a human relationship stand the test of time.

Mike is a Sweden based relationship counselor and psychologist. He is also an avid blogger and writes on freelance basis for

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