Nov 9, 2012

Sky Watch: Hills

I captured the hills from around the hotel that located near Patuha Mountain (Ciwidey, West Java Province, Indonesia).

 In the early morning, the hills were covered by thick fog. 

 A few hours later, I could see blue sky!

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Light and Voices November 09, 2012  

Misty, foggy but it has its own beauty with built in mystery and drama. Thanks for posting this skywatch image.
Joyce M

Jidhu Jose November 09, 2012  

lovely shots

My Skywatch Friday

Anonymous November 09, 2012  

How wonderfully moody!

thomas November 09, 2012  

It's always beautiful when it's foggy on the mountains.

Luna Miranda November 09, 2012  

fog has an enchanting feel to it. makes me wanna stay in bed all morning.:p

Liz November 09, 2012  

Both are great shots! Happy sky watching.

Double Rainbow

eileeninmd November 09, 2012  

Beautiful scene, love the hills and fog. Lovley captures, happy skywatching!

eden November 09, 2012  

Great views!

Kim, USA November 09, 2012  

Awesome view!

Andrea November 09, 2012  

You should have told us the name of this place. I saw something like this at the very early morning in Borobudur.

Irene November 10, 2012  

Lovely shots ... the first shot with the morning mist is awesome!

Susie of Arabia November 11, 2012  

I just love foggy photos where the mountains appear layered in the distance - nicely done.

❀~Myrna~❀ November 13, 2012  

Amazing Pics!

Shail November 21, 2012  

Lovely shots. The shade of blue is absolutely mesmerizing.

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