Nov 8, 2012

Create a Bedroom Space You’ll Never Want to Leave

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping, according to statistical evidence, and yet how many of us sleep in a comfortable bed, or sleep in a bedroom that is an extension of our personality? A bedroom should be a sanctuary from the mad world outside, a place you leave reluctantly each day to face the world. Is your bedroom fulfilling its style potential, or does it leave a lot to be desired?

Bedroom, Boudoir - Or a Place to Hang Out?
Pretty in pink as a girlie retreat with soft complementing colours, or a more masculine place with all the trappings of what boys love, your bedroom is an extension of your personality. It doesn’t matter how you appear on the outside or to friends, a bedroom is a personal retreat, a place of intimacy and a sanctuary from an unforgiving world.

If you prefer your personal retreat to be all girlie in pink with complementary colours and frills, what’s stopping you? Are you a man who prefers a little more masculinity with bold, dark colours and angular edges, or do you tone it down a little and prefer less bold statements of masculinity because you're in touch with your feminine side?

Starting out on a Voyage of Adventure and Discovery

Tucking your little ones into their favorite canoes or sailing boats, preparing them for an adventure on the high seas or readying them for a blast off into space in the latest rocket ship? Your child’s bedroom is where many an adventure begins; fighting pirates on the Spanish Main or discovering lost and hidden temples in a jungle clearing are just a few of the adventures they’ll manage before morning arrives.

Little girls love adventures, too, although I doubt they will be as rip-roaring as the boys’ adventures. There is no doubt they’ll be equally as exciting, though. All children love to dream of faraway places filled with exciting people, and their beds are the starting point every time.

Now what about your adventure, will you be dreaming the dream and longing not to wake up, preferring to stay snug and cozy in your perfectly formed sanctuary?

If you're like the countless people who call their bedroom their sanctuary from the world, you should at least have the best choice of beds, bed linen and accessories to create the perfect retreat.

If you prefer a little retro chic or modern minimalist, you can create the perfect bedroom with just a little inspiration. Forget the books and magazines; the imagery you see in those has been set up at great cost. These will have been set up with professional lighting and carefully groomed sets. Instead, take your inspiration from your thoughts, your likes and the things around you that you love. You don't need to be a professional to create a bedroom sanctuary, nor do you need the budget of an A-list celebrity. Just follow your thoughts and your moods, and you'll create in no time the perfect bedroom space, which you'll never want to leave.

Graham Green is a freelance writer and blogger who has a lifelong love of beds. He has been dedicated to creating perfect bedroom space, so much so that he has been known on occasion to wear the ‘number-nine shirt’ of the England sleeping and snoozing’ team.

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