Nov 2, 2012

Restore the Mind and Body through Relaxation

To get the best out off any person, the mind and body have to be in tandem.  With today’s fast paced lifestyle, stress is an inherent part of life.   Nothing done under stress can give us the best results.  Health, happiness and a relaxed mind are the best medicine to stress.  Don’t get stressed about relaxation either.  There are a number time tested methods to relax.  Some of the popular ones are yoga, meditation, play a sport or do anything close to your heart.  Out of all the methods to relax, the best one is it just spend some time doing nothing.  Take out at least 5 minutes for yourself, and just do nothing. 

Sometimes, even going to a yoga class or massage session can become stressful.  A lot of planning and scheduling is required to meet the appointment.  All you need to do is just chill!  The time spent doing nothing, is so essential to rejuvenate your mind.  It is a gift for your own self.   The outcome of the job attempted after the quick fix de-stress session has definitely got more quality. 

Slow down your pace and be aware of the effects of a stressful life on you.  Learn to relax.  Nobody wants a slow paced lifestyle these days.  By slowing down, it does not necessarily mean that, the quantity of work done should be cut down.  Make life more systematic with proper planning, taking out time for your own self.  The time-tested proverb that “slow and steady wins the race” re-ensures this fact.  If the cell phone does not ring every 5 minutes, it is a cause of anxiety.  You are anxious to read the mail in your inbox instantly and you just want to multitask.  All these do not necessarily show that you are a constructive individual.  At the end of the day, your mind and body have to be happy with whatever you are doing. 

Learn to relax.  It is no big deal to do it.  The best way to do it is to do nothing.  Just gaze out of your window, or stare at the blue sky, look at the cars drive by or the kids play in the park.  At the end of the time spent doing nothing, you will realize how relaxed your mind is, and your body has that extra dose of energy to carry on forward with whatever your doing. 

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