Sep 30, 2016

Add More Drama to Your Layers with Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are something that never goes out of fashion. It is ‘the’ one outfit option that suits almost every man. Different lengths, various colors, and multi-fitting styles are the features that make denim jackets so versatile to wear.When it comes to buying, denim jackets can confuse people because of their different sizes. However, the best way to select a denim jacket is by looking for the quality product and the right size. Sometimes a smaller size also looks good with some tees.

On the other hand, blue and other shades of blue are the safest colors to go for. There are plenty of options on the Calvin Klein online store for you to choose your favorite tees and jackets to get the perfect layered look.
Denim jackets can be your solution to the perfect layer if executed well. Here are some tips through which you can add more drama to your layers.

1. Over Round Neck Tees: Denim jackets totally enhance the appeal of the round neck tees. Especially, on those tees that have interesting patterns and come in vibrant colors. But you need to keep the bottom area neutral to balance the whole attire. Also, the color of the tee shouldn’t clash with the color of your jacket.

2. Layer your tanks: Loose tanks look incredible on guys, but adding a denim jacket would improve the outfit and can make you a fashion god among your friends. Try keeping the colors of the tank neutral here. Plus, wear a bold colored pant to add more drama.

3. Layer with cropped denim jacket: If you have a shorter body frame, cropped denim jackets are your fashion escape to get a taller appearance. Style your tees with a cropped denim jacket, cuff the sleeves to two folds, and that’s it! You have got a killer look. But make sure that the fitting of the jacket suits your body, as loose jacket won’t work the way you want it to.

4. Layer your sweaters: During winters, it becomes very difficult to keep up with the cold while keeping the fashion scale up to the mark. Getting a loose denim jacket can solve this problem for you. You can wear this jacket over your thick sweaters to transform the look from boring to charismatic.

5. Layer your hoodie: Wearing a blue denim jacket over a solid colored hoodie not just keep you relaxed on those colder days, but also looks cool. Make sure the color of the hoodie compliments the jacket.

6. Layer your formals: Believe it or not, but denim jackets look amazing on formal and semi-formal middle layers. Tailored shirt, a tie, and a vest with mild color. Add a blue denim over this and you a look that is formal with a sparkle of naughtiness.

So, those are the ways to layer different outfits with denim. Adding to that, selecting the right brand is really important to get the desired quality of the product. You can visit the Calvin Klein online shop in order to achieve the quality goal. 

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