Sep 3, 2016

Organizing a Sangeet Ceremony Flawlessly with Professional Help

Indian weddings are incomplete without some entertaining music and dance. India is a colorful and lively nation and people are not only fun-loving, they also have a deep love for music and entertainment. Music plays a pivotal role in all Indian weddings and Sangeet. The importance of music and entertainment in Indian weddings is reflected when top Bollywood celebrities and famous wedding performers are invited to entertain the guests by creating a highly stimulating and electrifying atmosphere.

A Sangeet could never be a success without some foot-tapping music like the Punjabi Bhangra beats. Dance practices and special arrangements are done a few days in advance so that on the sangeet night the stage is all set for unlimited fun, frolic and frenzy. Wedding performers, singers, DJs, film celebrities are summoned for a night to remember.
A Typical Indian Wedding Scenario

A grand Indian wedding is a fascinating mix of all the flavors you have been aspiring for or dreaming about. There is a splash of vibrant colors of turmeric, mehendi and vermillion. There is happiness in the air and the bride looks mesmerizing in an exotic outfit. The groom arrives royally dressed. From the exotic diamond jewelry to the designer attire, everything seems to dazzle on a sangeet night. The truly electrifying atmosphere makes the wedding a runaway hit. Music is regarded as the soul of all Indian weddings.

The significance of music in Indian weddings is clearly revealed as some of the rituals and ceremonies are dedicated exclusively to music and entertainment. Sangeet is such an evening dedicated to music, dance, love and unadulterated fun. Sangeet nights are full of merriment and a great way of breaking the ice and bringing both the bride and groom parties close to each other.

Some Effective Steps for Assured Sangeet Success

Here are a few tips that would help you organize a sangeet evening in a great way so that all your guests are happy with the high-quality entertainment for wedding.

Guest List First

Start by making a guest list first. Once you are ready with the final guest list, you would know exactly how many invitations would be sent. The guest list would be a major factor in choosing the venue. If it is going to be a grand affair then you could consider hosting the event at sprawling open lawns, instead of hotel banquets.

Fix a Date
While finalizing the Sangeet date, you must ensure that it is minimum a week in advance of the wedding date. It would be a good idea to make it happen on a weekend as that would be preferable and convenient for most guests.

Choose the Venue

Depending on how many people have been invited, you need to choose a suitable venue. You may choose an open lawn or a banquet hall depending on your specific requirements. For a grand and huge sangeet night, you could choose a suitable outdoor venue where a nice stage could be set up for the music and dance performances.

Remember to Send the Invites

It is a custom to send sangeet invitation cards along with the wedding cards. You need to coordinate and communicate with your wedding planner.

Seek Professional Services

Wedding arrangements should be delegated to the professionals for hassle-free and perfect celebrations. You need to plan well in advance and identify the right professionals for wedding planning, sangeet night or wedding entertainment. Once you have located the right people seek their professional assistance as that would be the most sensible decision. It is a good idea to hire musicians, reputed singers or dance performers or even famous Bollywood celebrities to give your guests a gala time and a grand night to remember for a long time.

Hire Choreographers & DJs

It is a good idea to employ the services of choreographers to infuse a professional touch to the performances in general. Communicate with the choreographers and take note of their recommendations and suggestions for the Sangeet performances to become a huge hit. DJs could be hired to intensify the fun and frolic. Everyone would be enjoying the songs churned out one by one by the DJs.

Bollywood Inspiration

Indian weddings and Bollywood seems to have a connection that could never be denied. People start dancing spontaneously to the stimulating beats of the popular Bollywood numbers. Many people are known to draw inspiration from sangeet sequences in Hindi movies for designing a fun-filled evening. You could organize an antakshri or play a music-oriented family game. Bollywood numbers are the most preferred. Choose chartbusters relevant to the occasion and the happy mood prevailing. Romantic songs are the best.

Menu Finalization

Choose a well-known or recommended caterer and decide on a menu to suit the occasion. There should be food to pamper all kinds of taste buds. Include all conventional sangeet dishes. You could serve liquor if you are sure that everyone on the guest list is generally sober and responsible and would do nothing to spoil the ambiance.


You must reconfirm all arrangements once, at least a few days in advance of the sangeet. Make sure all arrangements are done and as per your specifications. Make sure that the family performers are ready for the show. Contact the professional entertainers again and remind them about their engagement. If you have followed all the above tips, you would have a gala time on Sangeet night enjoying the electrifying atmosphere and some foot-tapping music.

Author Bio: Rima Sood is a professional party organizer currently attached to an event management company based in the USA. She is an avid blogger. Her blogs are mostly about tips to make different types of parties, events and functions a huge success. She recommends sites such as for reliable entertainment solutions.

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