Sep 22, 2016

Effective ways to de-frizz relaxed hair

Follow these simple tips to eliminate frizz from relaxed hair.

1. Deep condition more often
Deep conditioning should become an indispensable part of hair care regimen if your locks are relaxed. According to experts at Salon East NYC, this treatment yields the desired results when done on a regular basis. If you remember about it only every once in a while, then your hair doesn’t receive moisture and nourishment, thus paying you back with frizz.

2. Protect during sleep
Another way to de-frizz relaxed hair is to protect it thoroughly during bedtime hours. No wonder you wake up with frizzy hair after all tossing and turning during sleep; for this reason, you should cover your head with a silky scarf. If it sounds like too much, then try switching to a silk pillowcase at least.
3. Secure when exercising
Maybe you look sexier when your hair is loose, but the matter of being attractive takes a back seat when exercising. If you wear your locks loose during physical activity, they can suffer from heat and sweat. Frizz can be prevented if you secure your hair in a loose braid, for example, or any other protective hairstyle.

4. Avoid over-processing
The reason of frizz may be way too serious than you suspect. Many women make a mistake during touch-ups by relaxing the hair all over again instead of separate sections. This is like a straight road to damage, so no wonder you experience frizz. If none of this works, make an appointment at Salon East NYC, and our experts will help you to find the real reason and combat frizz!

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