Sep 8, 2016

Three Best Cars You Can Choose For Road Trips with the Family

Road trips on vacations with the family are great for bonding experiences that will remain in your memories for a long time. However, these trips will never be quite as enjoyable as you want them to be if your car leaves your family uncomfortable and cramped and feeling too tired to enjoy the vacation. It is quite understandable that you wouldn’t go out to buy a car especially for a road trip. However, if you and your family have a habit of taking off on long road trips then it would be a good idea to make your next purchase more suitable for these experiences.

Ideally, cars for long road trips should be comfortable, have quiet interiors, be fuel efficient and reliable, be high on safety, and offer loads of space both in the cabin and the trunk. Some top choices are below.

Toyota Camry Hybrid
While it may seem to be a very ordinary choice, but if you take a careful look at the Camry, you will discover that it delivers virtually everything that makes for a great sedan. You get a driving experience that is no-fuss with excellent outward visibility, roomy interior, easy to manage controls. While the driving experience may not be as sporty as you want, it feels more than capable and pleasant with the smooth hybrid powertrain, quiet cabin, sound handling, and above all, a really comfortable ride. The room at the rear is sufficient for three people to sit comfortably with more than adequate headroom and legroom. You also get the benefit of high crash test scores and tons of reliability. With an economy of 38 mpg combined, you will love its low running cost.

Honda Accord
The Accord nameplate has been around for quite some time and the brand has acquired quite a reputation for being a well-equipped, reliable, and competitivelypriced family sedan. The ride quality is not one of the best, however, the well finished and roomy interior more than adequately makes up for the shortcoming. The continuously variable transmission is smooth and unobtrusive but if you are an enthusiast, you can opt for a manual shift. The V6 engine delivers a refined output and an extremely decent economy of 26 mpg, while the four-cylinder option takes it up to 30 mpg. There is sufficient space at the rear for grownup children though squeezing in three adults could be an issue for long rides. While everyone may not like the infotainment system or even the right-side camera that does not properly substitute the usual blind-spot monitoring, you can opt for the Honda Sensing package that builds in automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning.

If you are splurging on one of the higher-priced variants, you might want to consider leasing it rather than buying it. You get the advantage of lower monthly payments and a low or no down payment and the opportunity to upgrade after every three years or so. If you want to terminate your lease for any reason before the end date, you can seek out a buyer for your lease on, an online service that serves this very niche.

Toyota Sienna
Agreed that the Sienna may not be a style wonder that will create a sensation on the road, but the minivan design ensures that your family gets a lot of space not only to sit in but also for the cargo. Getting in and out of the vehicle is a breeze with the large sliding doors and the number of cup-holders can leave you very pleased indeed. While the ride is very comfortable, the handling can be somewhat lackluster and leave you open to considering a three-row SUV instead. The 3.5-liter V6 engine is lively and you get a very decent 20 mpg combined city/highway economy. You can opt for an all-wheel-drive version that consumes only 1 mpg less. There’s also an eighth seat that can be stored in the back when not needed. You will be more than satisfied with the reliability. The really advanced safety features though can only be found in the higher variants.

Author bio: Jessica Queen works in the finance department of a large automobile dealer. Dedicated to serving the best interests of customers, she has advised many customers wanting to foreclose their leases that they consider to save on the penalties and other foreclosure charges.

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