Sep 6, 2016

Things to consider before getting a short haircut

If you’ve suddenly decided to switch to a short haircut, then you should take your time and think some things over. Here is what experts at Salon East NYC recommend considering:
1. Real reasons
Firstly, you should ask yourself – why am I really doing this? It’s ok if you want to celebrate job promotion or engagement because these are positive events. We don’t recommend getting a short haircut under the influence of tragic life situations you’ve recently experienced. Unfortunately, dramatic hair change won’t heal your heart!

2. Styling products
If you want your hair to look its best, you should use specific styling products designed for short hair. Are you ready to invest in new products? Renew your arsenal with waxes, pomades, and styling creams. You can also ask your hairstylist for consultation, and she will recommend you the most suitable products.

3. Maintenance
There is a common misconception that short hairstyles are very easy to maintain. In fact, less hair means more time and efforts. Firstly, you will have to trim your ends every four weeks for the maintaining the needed style. Secondly, you will never be able to leave your house without styling your hair.

4. Hair texture
A short haircut doesn’t work for everybody, so it’s essential to consider your texture before making an appointment at Salon East NYC. If you have thin hair, then you should definitely go for it because short haircut will make your locks appear fuller and more voluminous. Owners of thick hair should abandon this idea and look for other options.

If you’re still determined to get a short haircut after reading this article, then go ahead!

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