Sep 19, 2016

Learn the Processes Involved In the Making of Memorial Diamonds

Diamonds are the most precious stones found on the earth. You will be surprised to know that now they are made from human cremation ashes. There so called “memorial diamonds” are several processes that are performed to transform ashes of your loved ones into these adorable pieces: diamonds. 

In this article, we will learn about the step by step procedure for the creation of genuine memorial diamonds from ashes.
How a memorial diamond is made?
Natural diamonds are developed in an environment that is maintained at a very high pressure and very high temperatures deep underground. Creation of memorial diamonds is done in a laboratory that involves accuracy and temperature control of very high temperature and extremely high pressure in the laboratory. This recreation of the underground environment is necessary for the conversion of carbon from cremated ashes or human hair into the fine finished and dazzling diamonds. Below are mentioned steps involved in the creation process of Memorial Diamond.

Collecting human ashes in crucible
To manufacture memorial diamonds, you need to get the raw material ready. So to accomplish this step, a large quantity of ashes are collected and placed in a crucible. This crucible is prepared to bear massive temperature maintained in the laboratory for the diamond creation. is the leading manufacturer of pure and genuine memorial diamonds. All of the high-quality diamonds manufactured by them are tested and comes with an authorized certification. 

Purification of Carbon
In this step, carbon gets purified. The complete procedure of purification requires nearly eighty hours per order. In this process, all the impurities are eliminated and lowered to a small fraction of the actual impurity content. This guarantees 99.99% of pure carbon. 

Purification of water
After carbon, water is also purified with the help of an ultra pure water system. All chemical containers are properly cleaned to avoid any external contaminants.

Oxidation of elements
To oxidize the elements, the temperature has to be more than 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This results in oxidization of all the elements except the carbon.

Conversion of carbon to graphite
To convert the carbon into graphite, it is important to keep the carbon at the same temperature for a few weeks.

Processing the graphite
Once the carbon gets converted into graphite, it needs to be processed. For this graphite has to be placed in a core with a metal catalyst and a diamond crystal. Now place the core inside a diamond press that has a temperature close to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and 800,000 pounds per square inch pressure. The conversion of graphite into a rough crystal takes several weeks of processing.

Using tools to give shape to the diamond
Once you get an unfinished rough diamond metal, the last step is to give it a proper shape and finish. Now the crystal is removed from the press. With the help of faceting tools, it is cut and given shape according to the specifications.

In this way, ashes new take the form of the most desirable and expensive pieces: diamonds. There is a lot of labor, skill, time, precision, and tools involved in the creation of these memorial diamonds. 

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