Nov 24, 2016

3 Unique Sunglasses Trends You Have To Try For Yourself

Summer is in full swing and these trends are taking the runway by storm. From throwback looks to metal-worthy must haves, these 3 styles of unique sunglasses will keep you stylish and protected all summer long...

Chic Throwbacks

50s shades are back and bigger than ever for all of your most epic summer adventures. Think Taylor Swift's classic vibe, daring red lipstick and the perfect tinted pair of lavender shades in vintage selections. While these throwback styles are indeed larger than life... they are also equal parts feminine, creating that perfect go-to summer look for a walk at the park, a dine-in at your favorite hotdog dive or a breezy day at the seashore. In one simple word, this hot, new trend can be summed up beautifully by "Americana."

Heavy Metals

This summer, designers are taking metal accents to the max with bold, look-at-me placements of gold, silver and bronze on the front, not the side, of frames. These unique sunglasses create the perfect amount of intrigue and bring a rock-and-roll vibe to even a simple outfit. This style is done best with simple but attention-grabbing cut-outs that put the metal accent on full display. Think urban chic meets wave-of-the-future.

Now... How About Cat

Cat's eye glasses are a classic staple but that does not stop them from making their way into trend mode this season. These vibrant frames give a nod to generations gone by when sweaters and a-lines were at the prime of their game. To make this classic more modern, try this style in a bold color like green or red. You will be glad that you did.

Whether you like daring fashion statements or something a little more subdued, the right pair of unique sunglasses can transform any look... and elevate your summer break to grand adventure. That is the power of a seeing the world through new eyes.

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