Nov 3, 2016

Enhance Your Style Quotient by Adding Sassy Touch of Pearls

Beauty for women is what gadgets are for men. They can live without it but they never want to. A woman’s love for jewellery is undefined as for every occasion a women aspires to have different jewellery that would give her benchmark to the memories. A women love for jewellery start from the moment she is born and she is adorned with tiny hand jewellery, which describes her feminism and makes her look adorable.
Jewelleries that can change your look

There is a whole set of jewellery that is part of a women collection be it gold, silver, diamond, ruby, or a pearl. Each one of the jewellery is specifically worn for special occasion but there is one that can be worn anytime and every time. Pearl jewellery expresses elegance and class. The basic idea of pearl is very hard to get and the way women describes it make it more valuable. “She is not an ordinary” and that’s how pearl jewellery would reflect her personality.

Another best thing about pearl is that they are not for a special occasion. Since pearls are available in elegant white or beige colour, they complement all your attire and add a unique, smart style to it.
How you can evaluate your pearl?

There are many ways and techniques through which you can assess the value of the pearl you wear. The more beautiful pearl you have the higher is its quality. This also means that the beauty is equal to the quality. The factors which make you judge the quality of a pearl are-

1.   Colour
2.   Lustre
3.   Shape
4.   Surface

A pearl that qualifies the above assessment criteria is found to be the most precious and it also defines the actual price of it.

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