Nov 14, 2016

Tips to get good pregnancy photographs

The pregnancy journey is the most exciting phase of any women life. They need to capture each and every moment of this journey. Earlier and even today, women hesitate to show their bodies growing during pregnancy. But today, more and more women are getting comfortable even with their swollen bellies and hence the trend of getting a pregnancy photoshoot is emerging rapidly over the last couple of years.
The trend was started from Hollywood and today it is picking quickly in Bollywood as well. Therefore, you can easily find photographers who do maternity photography in Mumbai. Pregnancy photography is the concept of celebrating the journey and welcome of new life. Here are some tips that you can use to get good pregnancy photographs: -

  • You should schedule the photoshoot only after second trimester, because until then your baby bump would not be noticeable.
  • Wear clothes that are not too tight because if you plan to do pictures with the intimate look of your skin then there would be marks on your skin that will pop in your photographs
  • If you are planning a couple photoshoot then make sure that the clothes and accessories match, however the focus should be still on pregnancy
  • If the baby has siblings, then get their pictures as well.
  • Your selection of clothes should match your personality. If you are ok to shoot bold pictures, then wear bikini or you can even go topless. Since these pictures will be personal, you don’t have to be worried about people’s reaction. Just be adventurous.
  • Get photographs clicked with baby accessories like shoes, mittens, socks etc. They look super cute.
  • Don’t rub too much of moisturisers on your body before the shoot. This would make the light bounce the shiny surface of your belly. But do consider moisturising your feet and elbows
  • You would most likely use hands in the photoshoot. Hence, go for a manicure and even pedicure before the shoot. If you have any body hair, try and get them removed as well.
  • Usually good photographers have their own makeup artist but if yours doesn’t, then bring or wear a minimal makeup so that you don’t look too raw in pictures.
  • Lastly, make sure that you have at least two hours of pregnancy photo shoot because you would need time to relax and change within those two hours. Also, relax and don’t get too anxious as this may affect your baby health.

So, these are some tips that you can use for getting good photographs clicked. But the key here would be to find a photographer who has previously done pregnancy photoshoot because the photographer would then know what points to focus and get good pictures. Do a thorough research on the internet before making your final choice. Check reviews of previous clients as this will help you determine if the photographer is good to go with. Don’t shy! These days would never come back again, so enjoy it thoroughly.

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