Nov 27, 2016

Beauty Tips You Shouldn't Ignore When You're Going On Holiday

When you're walking along the beach you always want to feel and look your best. If you are feeling self-conscious on holiday it's going to affect how much you enjoy yourself. You only get to disappear for a few weeks every year, so how can you ensure your appearance stays at its peak? Here are a few beauty tips you should take into consideration before you step onto the plane.

Always Carry Lip Balm

Did you know it's possible to end up with cracked lips even if it's cloudy? That is why you should always carry lip balm with you, and don't be afraid to apply it whenever you want. Cracked lips are a big reason why people don't like their appearance on holiday. It will be one of the first things someone will notice when they're speaking to you.

Skin Care

You have to protect your skin from the sun too. Avoid exposing to the sun during the early afternoon hours, and if you have to be in the sun at that time, make sure you have enough sunscreen with you. Apply new layer on your skin every hour if the sun is really strong. If you still decide to use makeup,  foundations with an SPF rating will save you from the ultraviolet rays. You never know when you'll accidentally forget to wear your sunscreen.

Choose A Beautiful Hat

Before you go on holiday you should spend your time looking for a beautiful hat. You want one capable of protecting your face from the sun when you're walking around during the day. To go outside without one means your face will probably be exposed to sun during several hours, and it can happen it starts changing color. As skin on your face is most exposed, and very sensitive, partially covering it to protect it might be an option worth considering.

Pick The Right Foundation

If makeup is something you cannot imagine your life without even while on the road, make careful selections. You don't just want to take any foundation with you on holiday. You'll definitely want a waterproof one you can wear during the day. If not, you'll have to keep your face out of the water when you're in the sea. Also, make sure to choose the best foundation for your skin type.

Alcohol Consumption Reduction

It's easy to tell someone to limit their alcohol intake when they're on holiday, but is anyone really going to listen? Especially with all these luring cocktails available at the beach bar. It's sad because too much alcohol will stop you from getting enough sleep, and instead of resting and relaxing, you risk feeling tired all day. Still, giving your body some time to detoxicate might be an idea worth considering, especially as while traveling, there are many more interesting things to do.

Keep Drinking Water

We've already established it's hard to avoid alcohol on holiday after you've had a hard year at work, so you'll be feeling dehydrated the following day. It's also sometimes too easy to forget you need to drink water when you're out exploring a foreign country. As the activities you are probably going to enjoy on your vacation can be quite exhausting, making sure you are drinking enough water is the least you can do.

Unless you're really lucky you'll only get to experience one holiday every year. It would be a big mistake to let it go to waste. That is what might happen if you're not confident about your appearance when you go away. It's not difficult to look great until you're ready to board the plane on your way home, you just need a bit of time to dedicate to your body.

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