Nov 30, 2016

Top Nine Lead Generation Ideas for Your Business and No One Is Talking About

As marketers we have been spending a lot of time and resources generating leads. For many of us the end goal here is to generate leads which in turn will become paying customers. Small business organizations face numerous challenges accessing to capital, creating sustainable revenue, making pay roll etc. Growing a small business b2b companies into a larger one can help in some of these issues, but b2b growth requires leads. Generating leads through traditional sales model generally requires more number of people and time. The following lead generation ideas are designed helping you think outside the box, achieving best results with fewer resources.

Creating a product video: According to a study conducted by social science research network 65% of us are visual learners. So why not have something created that will explain your offering in a way speaking to majority of people around. In a case study conducted by Bhaji Illuminati product videos help us in generating leads at a rate of 33%. When done in a right manner videos help us in keeping customers engaged inspiring us to take immediate action. Product videos don’t have to be long or complex and with tools like Animoto they can be easily created.
Split Test Your Call To Action:The very first thing you need to ask your self is Do you have a call to action added, prompts users to share their name and email addresses.  If no then create a button and option form that clearly identifies you want your visitors to do.While you might have a different CTAs on page you need to know what works the best for you. And the only way you can find out is the split test for your call to action button. For instance have you tried split test with different color buttons. While most generally prefer a call to action button at the bottom of your page, your readers might not make it to the bottom of the page.
Trying The Squint Test:Take a few shots of whiskey your choice and then have a look at your website.Does your call to action stand out? In a study conducted by blastam analytics and marketing a travel website tested their call to action button against a more contrasting CTA passing the squint test. The result was they saw an increase with more than 591% in the leads.

Creating a Quiz: Offering up a quiz to your website visitors generally serves as a creative and an alternative way of learning more about them and obtaining their contact information.The goal here is to bargain the result of the quiz in order to generate leads which in turn can be really effective when done in a right manner. For instance here is an example from Eastern International College. They had the following quiz created in order to help students make proper section.

Hosting a Give Away:Give away’s are one of the most successful ways of generating leads.Give away’s process can lead you with many number of junk leads wasting your time if not done in the right manner. So what’s the trick? Make sure you are giving away people whatever they want. For example Ninja Outreach has put together give way of several products and services that turn out to be useful to their target demographic.
Identifying Leads with Followerwonk on Twitter: On twitter you can think of leads as fruits. Some are ripe and ready to use product where as some a waste of time. Followerwonk helps to make the distinction for you. For instance seer interactive put together a whooper of post on how Followerwonk helped them in generating leads by identifying them, filtering, and reaching the ripest leads generating customers. 
Using Twitter Cards:Twitter cards make it easy enough for the marketers to capture the right leads in the activity stream using lead cards. Is twitter equivalent to the sign up box that you generally see on blogs?Twitter is not always about just putting on smoke and mirrors either. For instance Web trends decided to put their lead generation twitter cards to test and increased leads tenfoldlowering their cost per lead with 500%
Creating a Promo Video: Not each and every one of us will learn by reading. Some are visual learners where as some are audible learners. Having a promo video created for your business can help in educating your visitors in terms of your products and services you are providing. As a marketer you can go ahead and use technology like Wistiaadding a call to action button in the middle capturing their business email addresses. Videos allow you to take the leverage of all the third party platforms like YouTube, Facebook, giving you an extra reach in the newsfeed.
Slide Share Presentation: Slide share is a community that allow businesses to upload and share presentations related to their products and services.Since presentations are things that lead to a great content, having a well-designedslide share has the potential of making things go viral providing a greater exposure to your website. Slideshare helps in featuring your content on their homepage bringing more traffic towards your website.
To conclude:
To conclude a sales funnel that is filled with leads is the best ways of validating your marketing efforts delivering value to your prospects. When lead generation is done successfully each and every one of us will gain benefits from it. As marketers the pressure is always there in us to deliver qualified leads into the funnel or the sales department. We all understand what the importance of lead generation really are and it’s coming up with ideas that can turn out to be tricky at times.

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