Nov 5, 2016

Neelam gemstone for better prosperity

Since time immemorial, man has studied the influences of the planets, the sun, and the moon on our lives. People who do not know about this, ignore it. But, the fact that they cured many illnesses and averted bad occurrences by the people knowledgeable in this art of gemmology is a pointer to the reality of the method in astrology. This method is traditionally passed on from guru to student. 
Here, we tell you what benefits add if you wear the original Neelam stone. One must follow the time and method for wearing gems if one wants full benefits from it. The Neelam stone is symbolic of the planet Saturn. It is the birthstone for the sun sign Virgo (people born between 23 Aug – 23 Sept).

Benefit of wearing Neelam gemstone

The special property of the Neelam stone helps people avoid the bad effects of the planet Saturn. On the positive side, it leads to gains in money and property. Neelam refers to the blue sapphire gemstone. While it strengthens the Saturn (Shani), Neelam gemstone is rashi ratna for two other sun signs. These are Aquarius (Kumbh) and Capricorn (Makar).

Since this rashi brings sharpness of mind and boosts self-confidence the effect is felt in the increased wealth and gains in business. The untreated blue sapphire got from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) has best effectiveness. People who suffer from bad effects of the stars will benefit if they wear this stone.

Method of wearing the stone

Other than Shani, Kumbh, and Makar, the ascendants of Virgo, Gemini, Libra, and Taurus can also benefit by wearing the Neelam stone. One must embed the gemstone in a gold or silver ring and wear it on the middle finger. The best time to wear it is on Saturday evening. By weight, the blue sapphire must have 5.25 ratti at the least. The effect of the stone is more if the quality and weight of the stone is more. Check your sun sign first and then wear the stone.

Price of the stone

Performing a puja will make Shiv Rattan energize the stone. The original Neelam stone price ranges from $124 to $496. A few stones cost $6470.89, $7523.93 and more. Shani is the ‘Nyayadheesh’ or the Lord of Justice in Hindu mythology. Choose a stone without chemical treatments and having dark blue color. The stone must have good clarity.

The rule of the thumb for choosing the weight of the stone is one in twelve parts. This means if you weigh 72 kg, you must wear a stone that is 6 carats in weight.

Since clarity and colour play an important role in determining the quality and hence the price, you see how the price varies for these stones:
·         Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka 4 carats      4.44 ratti     $527
·         Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka 4.09 carat   4.54 ratti     $6,371.20 

Pay  attention to these details

Many gem dealers will try to sell you fake gems or synthetic Neelam gemstones. Authentic Neelam stones will have a Lab certificate of Authority from a reputed lab. You should see if the seller has a valid refund policy. Normally, every gem merchant will offer you cash on delivery and free shipping with a valid Return and Refund policy.

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