Dec 17, 2018

Anytime Gift Guide When You Need to Shop Unicorn for that Person in Your Life

Both young and old share a love for the extraordinary, majestic creature known as the unicorn. Whether you’re looking for an actual unicorn or you merely want something to put up the shelf, there are plenty of unique gifts away there. Revered because of its beauty and power, this magical pet is also known because of its rather extraordinary capability to poop rainbows. Yep, that’s right, rainbows.  Listed below are the best unicorn gift ideas to delight unicorn lovers around the world.

Unicorn Passport Cover and Luggage Tag Set

Make your luggage and passport look magical and absolutely fabulous with this stunning present set. You'll be the envy of all of your fellow travel unicorns at passport check in, baggage state and control.

Unicorn Manicure Travel Set

A unicorn lover’s gotta keep her holographic, sparkly, glittery fingernails in balance. This unicorn travel manicure arranged is stunning externally and functional on the inside. It makes for a great stocking filler or Kris Kindle present.

Unicorn 2018 Planner/Notebook

When you’re always on the go you need a good diary/planner/notebook to keep your life in check. We are always on the hunt for the perfect diary, and this one is definitely a contender.

Comfy Unicorn Leggings

When you’re a frequent flying unicorn comfort comes first. This is where leggings come in! Lovely, soft, stretchy, wildly colourful material will make any journey better. Hell, you don’t have to be travelling to enjoy these leggings, imagine being the most magical unicorn in the gym, lifting all the weights, or on a yoga retreat!

Unicorn Travel Bags

Pack small canvas and drawstring bags with me when travelling. They’re so handy for heading out to markets or day outings and they essentially take up no room in a suitcase/backpack. There’s all sorts of patterns available but here’s a couple of examples.

Unicorn Face Mask

The air on a plane is notoriously bad for your skin layer. To keep every thing hydrated you will need to drink a lot of drinking water AND, if you’re courageous, wear a nose and mouth mask. Certainly this is a long-haul trip kind of item. But it’s practical, extremely fairly and fun. Another great little stocking filler for Xmas or easy add-on to a birthday present!

Cosy Unicorn Hoody

When you’re on the run a good hoody is key, and if it happens to cause you to appear to be an unicorn then all the better! Again, there is numerous option, but that one is my favorite.

Inflatable Unicorn Pool Toy

An ideal accessory for just about any tropical trip. And consider of the picture opps. They may be very heavy though, even though deflated, so be sure to pack it in your suitcase.

Fluffy Unicorn Eye Mask

Envision this teamed with the travel pillow!! Amazing! And the hoody?! You’d essentially BE an unicorn. We also have one of these. It’s a slightly different version, not as fluffy, this one actually looks a bit more comfortable. Great for basically all of life.

Essential Unicorn Power Bank

Everyone needs a spare battery/power bank nowadays with all the gadgets we use, so why not have one that’s shaped like a unicorn?!

Unicorn Travel Mug

To keep your beverages hot or cold depending on what you need. There are tonnes of variations on these. Primark/Penneys do a bunch of great sparkly ones. It’s always good to have a reusable cup with you no matter where you are, better for the environment.

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