Dec 17, 2018

How to Choose a Cocktail Dress that Suits You Perfectly

Any excuse to dress up is an excuse to look your best. Part of looking your best means dressing in styles, colours and designs that make you feel great about yourself. After all, it doesn't matter if you're dressed in the most expensive, most stunning, most in-vogue trends of the season: if you don't feel good in what you're wearing, all that time, money and styling isn't worth a thing.

So, before you shop, read on. Here's how you're going to choose a cocktail dress that suits you perfectly.

1. Body Reality

You may have visions of wearing a midi bodycon dress, but if you're 5' 1 with a long torso and short legs, this is simply not going to be the best look for you. The length and figure hugging nature of this style will make you look stout and your legs super short. The key to finding fits that look amazing on your body is to acknowledge the body you have, and work with that. Don't shop for the body you wish you had.

So, what kind of shape do you have? Apple? Hourglass? Pear? Inverted triangle? Rectangle? Read up on your body shape to get an idea of what fits will suit your beautiful body best.

2. Find Your Colour
You may dream of wearing a beautiful blush cocktail dress, and while the colour is devastatingly charming, there are certain skin tones that don't look great in this colour, like those with olive skin. People with this skin colour look best in deep, rich gemstones like ruby red or sapphire blue or emerald green. Don't know your skin tone? Read up and then rest assured that you're picking the colour to make your skin look its most radiant.

3. Know the Occasion

You've been told you need to dress for a cocktail affair, but do you know what a cocktail dress is, exactly? If not, don't fret: you're not alone. Cocktail dresses are semi-formal dresses that are usually midi length (mid calf) or just above the knee. They're long enough to be respectable, but not as long as a formal gown. They are also made of more formal materials, so steer clear of denims and flowy cotton beach dresses. The style needs to be fairly structured and polished to be a true cocktail dress.

Finally, remember that the best cocktail dress for your body will always make you feel incredible. You can toss all this advice out the window if you follow the tips, step by step, and the dress you’re left with isn’t a dress you love. Chances are, though, this advice will point you in the direction of a stunning dress that makes you look and feel like a million bucks. Need help with a place to start? Check out these Alamour the Label cocktail dresses and get inspired.

Happy shopping!

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