Dec 22, 2018

There Is More to Gemstones than Just Couture

Although many people who wear gemstones love them because they go with their favorite dinner gown, others will tell you that their pieces have a deeper meaning. For instance, a young lady may be wearing a diamond ring because she is engaged. Diamonds have long since been associated with love, commitment and a promise of happily ever after.

Other stones have deeper connotations such as protection (jade and black tourmaline), love (rubies and diamonds), and purity (pearls). Many people yearn to own gemstones and wear them not only as investment (they cost a pretty penny) but also because they hold a deeper meaning for them.
You must have heard people talk about birthstones, for instance. You might find a certain celebrity dripping in amethyst because it is her birthstone and it means a lot to her to wear this particular stone. Dealers such as A Grain of Sand’s Gemstone Beads can tell you all you need to know about gemstones.

What is the basis of these beliefs?
Most of the meanings attached to gemstones have been passed down through the generations. Most people have a healthy respect for culture and will carry on traditions that were passed down from their ancestors for as long as they live. If a certain stone has been in the family for eons and is believed to have certain properties, the family will hold that stone dear.

That said, many gemstones are said to possess qualities such as the ability to:
·         Heal
·         Soothe
·         Protect
·         Cleanse aura
·         Give energy
·         Give luck

Does it not seem ludicrous that different cultures would come up with similar sounding stories about gemstones just for the heck of it? Let us look at a few of these stones:

Amethyst – This stone is famed for its ability to protect against negativity.
Diamond – It is said to get rid of anything that would sap your energy, intensify thoughts and feelings and sometimes heal.
Emerald – This one has the ability to activate the heart chakra.
Kyanite – It is known to enhance communication and also possesses some psychic abilities. 
Labradorite – It protects the aura and enhances your awareness of several realities.
Clear quartz – It has qualities that enhance energy.
Rose quartz – It has properties that amplify harmony and emotional healing.
Ruby – This one is a life-force that denotes vitality and passion.
Turquoise – Aside from enhancing physical healing and protection, this is the one stone that amplifies honesty as it is said to have qualities that improve truth-speaking.

What has research unearthed?
Gemstones have unique arrangements that have stood the test of time and the unpredictable temperament of the elements. It is therefore possible that they contain special qualities. As a matter of fact, some of them are used in practices such as massage and are said to be quite effective in providing relief.

Research indicates that gemstones certainly emit some form of measurable energetic fields such as piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity. Take quartz for instance. This stones vibrates at such precise frequencies that it is used in certain gadgets such as watches and electronics to transmit radio and television signals.

There is therefore more to these beautiful pieces than just amplifying beauty and elegance and your next visit to A Grain of Sand’s Gemstone Beadsmay include a search for a special stone that holds more meaning even as it matches your cherished dress or that outfit you plan to rock on Christmas.

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