Dec 9, 2018

Reasons Why You Should Know Laid Down Flag Etiquette

Setting up a flagpole is an exciting moment that allows you to show your full patriotism. However, it pays to know that a lot more goes to having a flag pole and that you need to observe certain rules set etiquette. A quick online can give you access to the laid down flag etiquette that you need to follow even if the flag flies at your private residence.
The etiquette allows for standard practice across all flagpole owners, reducing confusion and bringing order to those who wish to have flags flying at their residence. You may overlook these set practices but doing so may see you doing something wrong. The following are reasons why you should take time and learn the set out flag etiquette.

·         Allows you to know the right way to position the flag
The position you hoist the flag is important and therefore it pays to know not to be negligent on this matter. It is against the flag code to fly the flag upside down. This is only allowed when in distress only. In addition, flying the flag half mast is allowed during certain days and it is best to know when these days are. When you do not follow code, you may end up doing the opposite of what others are doing. The code allows for uniformity. If you are hoisting other flags, the code lets you know which flag to give prominence at all times. Again, the code here helps in creating uniformity.
·         Ensures respectful handling of the flag
A flag is not just a piece of cloth but an important symbol of the country. Handling it should be with utmost care at all times. The code provides guidelines that allow you to know how to handle the flag from how to carry it, store it and even dispose of it. As a symbol of honor for the country, you should not take any action that will seem to cheapen its image. Following the code allows you to know how to position the flag during display. Just like the code, even your choice of flag pole topper should help highlight the respect offered to the flag. The accessory should not take away from the important image the flag portrays of the country.
·         You are not in the dark on how long the flag should be up
In a quest to promote uniformity in the handling of the flag, the code lets you know at what time to hoist the flag. The flag should be visible at all times and that is the reason why at dusk, you should lower the flag. Getting light for your flagpole allows you to keep the flag hoisted at all times and you will not require to lower it at dusk. The code allows you also to know which days the flag should especially be up. This means that if you do not get a chance to hoist the flag on all days, you know which days that you should ensure the flag is flying high.

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