Dec 19, 2018

Women & Money | Everyday Scrap Metals You Can Recycle for Cash

The metal recycling industry is one growing sector that supports millions of individuals all over the world. Scrap metal is anything metallic which is no longer is in use and has been thrown out for recycling purposes. Aside from providing employment opportunities, recycling metal creates a friendly environment and reduces the need for mining more metal ore to produce new metal. In case you are wondering whether your old metals qualify as scrap and what you can do to them, take a read to find out these and more details.

1. Worn Out Jewelry 

We all have those earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches that are outdated. Considering that most of these items are gold or silver coated, the covering tends to wear off with time. As such, they end up looking unsightly; thus, rendering them useless. Rather than fill your wardrobe with items that are not of value to you anymore, exchange them for a few dollars.

2. Broken House Appliances 

There is no need to keep a washing machine, iron, or toaster that is no longer I use. It may sound more appealing to sell them at a garage sale, but it is more profitable to sell them as scrap metal. You will receive money for their value as opposed to the garage sale option where everyone is out to bid for the lowest price possible. 

3. Junk Cars 

If your yard is piled up with junk cars that you just can't find a job for, it is time to turn them into cash. While you may not necessarily get the same amount as you did the first time you got your machine, you can get some quick change from selling your junk cars, depending on the condition and model of the car.

4. Car Parts 

Now and again, you may be forced to replace some car parts once they start malfunctioning. Most of the old parts end up in your garage in a pile. You can turn these into cash quickly by selling them to interested persons.

5. Old Cutlery

Yes, even those old outdated spoons, forks, and knives can serve as scrap metal. While at it, add other metallic kitchenware to it if you want to increase the weight of your scrap metal.

6. Electrical Wires 

Electricity wires usually contain metallic components in them that are essential for conducting electricity. Instead of turning these into a bonfire, how about collecting them and selling them to a recycler? These can include worn out Christmas decoration and other cables used in electricity or internet connections.

7. Remnant Building Material

If you have a building project at home that involves metal use, this is your chance to make some returns. While the builders are busy throwing away the small pieces of metal that remain during the construction period, collect them and store them well until the project is complete, you can then take them to a scrap metal store in bulk to reap the most benefits.

How to Sell Your Scrap Metal

The first step to getting cash for scrap cars or selling scrap metal is to determine its value. Non-ferrous metals always have a higher value as compared to their ferrous counterparts since they do not rust. You can differentiate between these two easily by using a magnet. Those that stick to the magnet go to the ferrous pile and those that do not go to the non-ferrous one. After determining their value, find a local metal recycling business and approach them for a potential business venture. Shop around for one that has the best rates, and if possible, accumulate your metal before taking them to a recycling centre. At the centre, the professionals will weight your metal and price it according to its value.

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