Dec 13, 2018

Fashion Forecast: Best Casual Outfits for Women in 2019

Fashion Week’s across the world have been teasing us with the latest 2019 fashions - there’s much to look forward too. From fringe to neons and a whole smorgasbord in between; the only thing these random trends have in common is they’re going to be hot this upcoming year!

Here’s what every fashionista needs to know as we eagerly await 2019’s drool-worthy fashions!

2019 Fashion forecast
Escapism: Follow your wanderlust this season with outfits that are inspired by travelling and discovery. Mix together boho, floral, prints, touristy tees and natural elements (seashells).
Knitwear: It’s back, knit or crochet items are once again in. Not just crochet sweaters, but dresses and jumpers make the grade so don’t be afraid to try on a new knit!
Bolder shoulders: The resurgence of shoulder pads with a twist - the puffier the sleeves, the better. Mostly these exaggerated bolder shoulders are seen on dresses, for a feminine touch.
Shorts: Forget the skirt, 2019 is all about shorts. Tailored shorts in any length are on this year's must-haves list. 2018’s love affair with bicycle shorts is also projected to hang around for another year; pair bike shorts with a fitted blazer and you’re Kardashian approved.

Fringe: Another 80s throwback making a comeback is fringe. Not just Western fringe but flapper-style beaded, feathers and such, primarily on dresses but really fringe is making an appearance on every piece of clothing!
Epic prints: There are so many prints coming back into fashion, it’s like taking a trip down memory lane across many generations! How can so many prints be trendy in one season - it’s wild!
     Animal print: We fell for leopard this past autumn, but spring is all about the little animal print details. A sprinkling of spots on puff sleeves or shoes is the way to go.
     Tie-dye: Tying into the escapism theme, tie-dye is here rather gently as you’d expect in beach coverups, summertime tees or maxi dresses.
     Vintage florals: Springtime brings not only the latest fashions but also blossoms and this year it’s coming up vintage roses. Perfect for casual dresses!
     Art attack: From 80s Memphis design to futuristic prints, get ready for some seriously artsy outfits.
     Polka dots: Yup, the pretty polka dot is yet another punchy print that’s in.

Neon pop art: Bold is beautiful, and designers are pushing loud neons and not just in small doses but head to toe - talk about vibrancy!
50 shades of beige: Move over black, beige is all the rage. Expect to see an invasion of camel, coffee and cinnamon this year in suits, dresses and all your major accessories.
80s denim: The signature 80s look - acid-washed jeans - is back in style but this time that faded appearance isn’t just localized to jeans it’s after anything and everything denim. It’s not like your parent’s vintage pants, no, there’s more style to today's acid-wash - there are striped acid-wash dresses, can you imagine!

2019 Fashion forecast is looking fabulous with a touch of random

This season’s street style is going to be an interesting one with both hippie and the 80s in fashion. With a dash of whimsical prints - leopard, tie-dye and clothing that’ll surely make you want to escape for an adventure. 2019 is delivering up a mixed bag of design elements that no more go together than stripes and polka dots, yet somehow holistically it works, and we couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming fashion season!

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