Mar 20, 2019

7 Smart Tips for the JEE Aspirants for Outstanding Performance

JEE is a fiercely competitive exam where Lakhs of students compete for a few thousand seats at the highly ranked engineering colleges of India. JEE aspirants are often told that the exam is impossible to crack because it takes exceptional intelligence to cover the syllabus that is vast as the sea and deliver it rightly at the examination hall. Well, that’s not the fact! Cracking the exam simply needs a strategically approach to study and sincerity. Not only in Kolkata, but in other prominent parts of Bengal as well there are various coaching centers that are helping students to crack JEE with ease. Coaching institutes in Raniganj, Durgapur, Siliguri etc are established where experienced and qualified faculties train students for the competitive exams.
The planning should start from going through the syllabus, checking the exam details and exam patters and then aim to crack it. But the most important part before everything else should be believing in yourself that you CAN do it. Here are 7 smart tips to win over JEE with flying colours:

1. Strategical approach to study:

If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail. A practical study plan plays an important role when you are preparing for a competitive exam like this. Set small goals and make a to-do list. Calculate the time you need to cover up the topics, allocate a realistic time frame for each topic and get started. Check whether you are able to achieve your little goals. If yes, set a more ambitious goal next time; if not, analyse what went wrong and work on that. You may tweak the plan a bit depending on your preparation progress.

2. Focus on Time Management:

The importance of time management is needed from scheduling your course of study to delivering it to the examination hall. The trick is not to overload or under load yourself. Break the syllabus suitably according to your ability and set long and short term goals. Long term goals may include the topics you are going to cover in a month and short term goals may include the topics you are going to cover in a week or number of questions or reactions you will learn before going to bed. Do not make an unrealistic time table which is too difficult to follow.

3. Remember what you learn:

Studying hard is of no use if you can’t remember the answer at the right time. If you find certain topics difficult to remember, try to write them down. Use your own way of learning things. Read out loud with clear pronunciation instead of just reading. Draw charts or diagrams to remember quickly. After finishing the topic, teach someone what you have learned. Get help from friends to execute this method.

4. Don’t burden yourself with a lot of study materials:

Students often consult a lot of books for exam preparation. This actually wastes a lot of time and leads to more confusion. For succeeding in JEE, the student needs to understand the concept well and be able to apply them to solve new kinds of problems. Now there are many books available in the market that promise to help you with JEE preparation. But it is always advisable to stick to the classic textbooks that have been ruling the market for decades.

5. Revision is the key:

Keep the last 3 months before the exam for revision only. There is no alternative for revision and practice. Go through the difficult problems that you solved before and recall how you solved them or made mistakes. Make sure you don’t repeat them anymore. Practice makes the preparation perfect. After practicing, start evaluating yourself through mock tests and online exams to see where you are standing.

6. Attempt First approach:

While solving some problems, never check solutions before attempting it. Try to do it on your own first. Before you take a peek at the solution, attempt to solve it at least 5 times. Keep trying until you get the right answer. This will help you to polish your problem-solving skills and you will need no special effort to recall it in the examination hall.

7. Get expert guidance:

Serious JEE aspirants often go for coaching classes to get some expert guidance. If you stay near Raniganj and MBBS is your main aim, then there are some great MBBS coaching institutes in Raniganj that have organized study plan and practice modules that help students to succeed. The advantage of joining a good coaching class is that you can interact with teachers and students and keep your motivational level up, manage your study plan well, revise and practice and undergo performance evaluation time to time.

Are you a JEE aspirant? Are you feeling stressed about the preparation and exam? Then there are few smart tips to guide you on how to prepare for the fiercely competitive exam and come out victorious.

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