Mar 11, 2019

Are You Really Interested to Save Your Marriage?

Many of you must be struggling to save your marriage but you need to understand that usually it takes sufficient amount of time to build a relationship. If after few years of marriage, if that relationship does not work then you have to make much greater effort to restore it back.
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In this small post, we have given few ideas which can help you stitch back your relationship which is already showing some cracks.

1.   Love Your spouse
Initially, it was easier to love your spouse, as love was still fresh and new. However, a lot of water has flown under the bridge since your marriage.
So, if you want to restore your love once again then you need to make conscious effort to love your spouse again, perhaps with much more intensity than when you loved him or her earlier.
2.   Pray for spouse.
Surely when you got married both of you must have made lots of promises to each other and also prayed a lot to come much closer. So, now you start paying once again for your spouse so that God will also accept your prayer.
3.   Surround yourselves with those who are in healthy relationships
You must surround yourself with positive people and friends who are also married and have beautiful relationship with their spouse. Avoid people who try to spread negativity in your mind.
4.   Act as if that happiness of your spouse is more important
Try to give more importance to the happiness of your spouse and do everything that pleases him or her and show your spouse trust, generosity, gratitude and affection.
5.   Put your relationship ahead of your children
Now your relationship is more important to you though there must be certain apprehension but if you want to save your marriage then you must give more importance to your relationship. Your relationship should be ahead of your children too.
6.   Start all over from the scratch
You had a beautiful relationship and suddenly it started cracking. Now go back to that stage when your relationship was beautiful and start from there once again.
7.   Stop taking your spouse for granted
Don’t take your spouse for granted. You must complement whenever it is necessary and don’t forget to say “thank you” for every gesture. Try to celebrate even obscure anniversaries.
8.   Get counseling
If needed, you can meet marriage counseling in Denver. Believe it, their expenses will be much cheaper than divorce. Also, counseling will simply involve few sessions so that your communication starts again.
9.   Follow the counseling actively
Like any personal fitness program, these counseling also come with certain action plan and homework. Make a realistic plan, and ask your friends whom you trust for helping you out and then follow the action plan.
10.Change the patterns
What is your normal behavior pattern? Do you always look angry? In case it is so then change your pattern of behavior. Let your partner find something new personality in you.

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