Mar 17, 2019

Nihaojewelry Solves Your Needs of Affordable High Quality Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry always becomes one of women’s most favorite accessories. It is a kind of accessory that able to beautify any outfit instantly. For daily wear and casual occasions, most women opt for fashion jewelry while fine jewelry worn for formal occasions. Compared to ageless fine jewelry, fashion jewelry is completely fashion driven; as a result, the designs keep changing from time to time.  Fashion jewelry enthusiasts never feel satisfied with their current collection since there will always be desires for getting newest designs. Fashion jewelers grab this increasing demand by offering new collections regularly and making fashion jewelry trendy.

Wearing the latest fashion jewelry is a good thing to keep up with the trend. If you opt for ways to save money while shopping jewelry, you should consider shopping wholesale fashion jewelry online to get jewelry items offered at wholesale prices which are much more cheaper. For those who want to earn bigger profit by selling jewelry, buying wholesale fashion jewelry in bulk is the right business decision. So, the important next step is finding the qualified wholesale fashion jewelry supplier. Well, have you ever heard of Nihaojewelry that includes the best seven of wholesale jewelry suppliers in China? Whether you plan to run your own jewelry business or just want to buy various jewelry items for your personal collection, this post is for you. Keep on reading, girls.
 Crystal&CZ Fashion Flowers bracelet (black) NHJJ4571 black–Price:US$2.23

Crystal&CZ Fashion Flowers bracelet (red) NHPY0244-red –Price:US$2.99
What is Nihaojewelry?                                                                     

First, let’s find out what this China fashion jewelry wholesaler actually is. Located in Shenzhen city. Guangdong Province, Nihaojewelry is not only one of the best wholesale jewelry suppliers but also a leading hand-crafted jewelry manufacturer as having its own factory where skilled workers and designers gather to produce well-designed jewelry items. Being both jewelry manufacturer and supplier allows Nihaojewelry to provide worldwide customers with one-stop shopping online for fashion jewelry, fine jewelry, personalized jewelry,  women’s fashion clothing, accessories and bags at the most competitive prices and focus on offering high quality products as well as best services in every shopping step.  Offering high quality jewelry for less is their most concern.

The Advantageous Facts

If you are not yet convinced, consider some facts about Nihaojewelry below (compared to other jewelry wholesalers).  As your reference, you can also read reviews from real buyers at the Trustpilot review platform. From 158 reviews, 91% gave excellent rating to Nihaojewelry based on their shopping experience.  

- Huge variety of wholesale jewelry products and more jewelry styles options.
This wholesaler offers more than 100.000 products with thousands of jewelry styles to meet women’s different needs and preferences. Pearl jewelry, crystal jewelry, natural stone jewelry are only a few available collection.  So many quality options to choose; surely you can find your favorite jewelry there. My most loved jewelry is beaded jewelry especially beaded bracelets– what is yours?

- Jewelry’s quality is guaranteed with a strict Quality Control method.
If you have ever been disappointed with poor quality items from other supplier before, you are now in the right place as Nihaojewelry provides only jewelry in highest quality. What is more, each product is covered by the 7-day policy for return and 15-day policy for exchange. Breathe a sigh of relief.

- Fast fashion
More than 200 new products launched every day. You can check it daily; just go to ‘New Arrival’ button or ‘The Latest Updates’ button at the store website. I opt for using ‘The Latest Updates’ button to know the newest products based on the accurate date.
Making handmade jewelry

- Most competitive low prices from factory supplier
Costumers can get jewelry at factory prices which are definitely much lower than others. Each product showed at the website is in factory/wholesale price. Jewelry business owners are allowed to enjoy given discount according to the total purchase (read Discount Policy to know more). Thus choosing Nihaojewelry could be the best way to purchase cheap wholesale fashion jewelry in bulk that leads to earn bigger profits for sure.

If you search for quality jewelry at lowest prices, you may straightly click ‘Cheap Jewelry’ button to see items that offered below USD$1. I guess you will be amazed like me; those prices are unbelievable!

- No minimum order quantity
It is true, you can place any order as you need though it is only one purchased item. Some other wholesalers apply minimum amount for a purchase while Nihaojewelry gives clients freedom in making their purchasing decision.  This wholesaler offers safe payment method and protects your personal data.

- Fast and safe delivery
To make sure the ordered items arrive safe and sound at your doorstep, the shipping process done by reputable DHL or FedEx that offers fastest and safest delivery method. After payment received, usually the order arrives at destination within one week.  Nihaojewelry can ship worldwide to over 200 countries.

A bit expensive shipping cost is unavoidable yet you still can cut it. If you want to minimize the shipping fee, the more items you buy is the better.  Within the same destination, the shipping cost for heavier package is cheaper than light-weight package below 0.5 kilo. Fortunately you can estimate the shipping cost to your destination in the beginning so you can plan what is the minimum weight of your order to still get good value of money.  

Those mentioned facts could be good reasons to choose Nihaojewelry for your wholesale jewelry shopping. Do you want to know more? Go to the website for getting more details.
Natural Stone Fashion Geometric bracelet (B6267-A) NHGW0245-B6267-A- Price: US$1.21

Crystal&CZ Fashion Geometric bracelet (66186049) NHXS2035-66186049 -Price: US$1.38
Well, now let’s talk a bit about the store website’s performance. 

- The site looks neat and simple with mostly white background.  It loads fast enough.

- Good enough navigation system.

You can see some proper buttons at the homepage that lead users to the needed pages.  Once you visit the website, you will know where to go to access the desired items. It is easy to navigate and find things in the website.

- Site search menu and other useful features available to filter and ease your search. Below the site search menu, you see some direct links to current trends. For example, just click ‘Tassel Earrings’ to see the whole collection.

I have navigated the store to find bracelets as I love bracelets more than other jewelry. Anyway, allow me to share my bracelet search. 

Here are a few entrances to find bracelet collection that you can try:
First.  Go to ‘Fashion Jewelry’ button under ‘All Categories’ menu and click ‘Bracelets & Bangles’ button. Then go to ‘Beaded Bracelets’ collection link.
Second.  Straightly go to specific collection as my favorite is beaded bracelets. Go to ‘Beaded Bracelets’ in the ‘Wholesale by Collections’ menu.
Third. Scroll down a bit again to see ‘Show By Category’ menu and click ‘Bracelets’ button.  

Use ‘Shop by Shopping Options’ as search filters if needed. I tried to use ‘Crystal & CZ’ button in ‘Material’ option and ‘Flowers’ button in ‘Pattern’ option.  Look what I’ve found there. For your ideas, I feature above some lovely bracelets that I most like. Aren’t they super cute?
- I found some word errors on the homepage. It might small errors but fixing it would be good for better site appearance.

Nihaojewelry is a recommended place to get a wide variety wholesale jewelry in guaranteed highest quality and lowest prices. The offered factory prices give retailers competitive prices to earn good profits. For fashion jewelry collectors, it is the right place to buy various affordable jewelry items in newest designs from time to time.  

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