Mar 9, 2019

Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ

Although overlooked the DJ at your wedding plays just as important role as any other professional on your big day. It’s important to look into a few things before you go ahead and hire. In this blog we have rounded up the top 5 questions that you should be asking every wedding DJ.

1.   Can we meet to discuss my wedding?
You should find that a good DJ will have no problem with this request. You’ll probably discover when you do meet for a chat that you actually have lot more questions than you thought you had at first. Remember that people can be very different when you meet them face to face so meeting them will help you decide on whether you actually like the DJ or not. After all, they play a massive part on what is one of the biggest days of your life!

2.   Are you PAT tested and do you have PLI?
This is the most exciting thing to talk about but it is however vitally important. PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing is the testing of all electrical equipment to prove it is safe. The DJ should have a certificate to prove that it has taken place. Something that’s equally important is PLI or Public Liability Insurance. The venue should have their own but so should your wedding DJ. If he or she doesn’t then your venue is within their rights to turn he or she away.

3.   When will you arrive to set up?
Some DJs carry a lot of kit so it’s best to work out a time that gives the DJ enough time to set up. A good DJ will also factor in unforeseen events like traffic delays and plan to arrive early.

4.   What music do you have?
A good DJ will keep the dance floor busy for the duration of the night by reading the crowd and mixing different styles of music together to please all ages. It’s important to discuss with the DJ what music you want to hear so all of your guests are catered for. Give him or her some guidelines or choose 10 or 15 tracks so the DJ can get a good idea of what audience he or she is dealing with.

5.   What song should our first dance be?
The first dance is usually a song that means something special for both of you. Here the DJ should help guide you in your choice and not tell you what to pick. The DJ should be able to offer some suggestions and find out what kind of mood you are trying to set. Do you want a song that’s classy or do you want something that’s all out fun?

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