Mar 23, 2019

Effective Ways to Engage Users in Online Surveys

Conducting online surveys is one of the biggest needs of the hour. Business and brands comprehend the need for online surveys. Hence, they try to conduct surveys from time to time. They get feedback from customers through these surveys. But the main issue is to encourage customers to participate in online surveys. I am going to unfold the effective ways of engaging users in online surveys. Let us have a glance at these!
Online Survey VS Offline Surveys:

Both online survey and offline survey approaches are used in the market. The online survey is a new and modern approach that merely requires the internet facility for participation. While the offline survey is expensive than that of an online survey and demands the paper-based questionnaire. Nowadays, online surveys seem to be more advantageous and convenient than the other approach. Offline surveys depict the issues of time and cost. It is an expensive and time-consuming approach whose execution is a little tough as well. In addition to these accuracy issues and diminished data quality are also associated with this approach. On the other hand, online surveys are quick, easy to design, easy to participate, sensitive, cost-effective and feasible approach.

Format and Designing of Survey Form:

There exist various factors while designing the survey form. Choose the questions for the survey as per the business niche. Technology related question should be asked from adults. Get to the knowledge that either they like giant phone or smartphones? What design and features are appealing to them? Modifying the product according to the demands of customers is possible by conducting such surveys. Same is the scenario with fashion and shopping. Get to know what people like to buy. Their shopping preferences and buying behavior would let you take sagacious decisions. Customize your survey form by mentioning the company name and logo to it. You can do branding with it. Be creative and use smart skills for asking questions. Ensure that the interest of participants would be retained in the online survey. In this way, you can get an honest and accurate view of customers.

Tactics To Attract Users Towards Online Survey:

Online surveys are in the benefit of the company and brand. Why would customers take out time form their busy schedule to fill the survey form? Surely, they must be inclined towards the survey form if they find it useful in their interest. You can attract both customers and non-customers to participate in the online survey by using the following tactics:
         Contests
         Giveaways
         Discounts
         Lucky Draws
         Other exciting offers

Yes, these are some powerful tactics that would make the customers think regarding their benefit. Make your brand in the eyes of others through such tactics. Grant gifts to the selected participants after the lucky draw. Or, you may provide them the opportunity to avail discounts. Such activities won’t cost you much. You would be astonished to see the massive number of participants actively participating in the online survey. You can even obtain the email address of the participants through the survey form. This email address would help you in the long run. Whenever there exists new promotion or you are launching a new product, then you can aware customers about it through the use of this mailing list.

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